The seele group of companies is a global façade contractor for premium architecture and building envelopes. Perfect manual skills, creative engineering and global presence are its key components.


founded in Gersthofen

> 1,000

employees worldwide


production area

seele: perfect craftmanship and outstanding engineering

seele is unique. Because it is the only owner-managed company with global operations in this industry. The technology leader in façade construction was founded in 1984 by master glazier Gerhard Seele and steel construction engineer Siegfried Gossner. Today, spectacular architectural icons “made by seele” can be seen all over the world.

Architectural, engineering and economic demands on a building envelope are increasingly merging to form a complex conglomerate. seele brings together the knowledge needed for this and is able to design and construct corresponding structures in unprecedented quality. A profound understanding of materials results in unique solutions using glass, steel, aluminium, membranes and other high-tech materials. Your guarantee of perfect results is seele’s network of more than 1,000 employees worldwide.

Implementing ideas & creating sustainable values

We, the seele group of companies, implement the designs of renowned architects and developers worldwide. We plan, design and build individual and innovative building envelopes and constructions. As an independent, owner-managed company, we trust and expect each and every employee to continuously fulfil the high standards placed on themselves as well as those demanded by our customers.

Our actions

  • We challenge ourselves to constantly redefine the limits of what is possible.
  • We attach great importance to quality while taking into account environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources.
  • We maintain a respectful relationship with customers, suppliers, business partners and our employees.
  • Producing innovations is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
  • We use the highest technological standards for our value creation and are in close contact with other companies in the industry in order to further develop standards.

Our values

  • Honesty and confidentiality
  • Reliability in our statements, decisions and actions
  • Sincerity and respect
  • Fairness towards our customers and clients, in our daily dealings with each other and with our competitors
  • Openness to the wishes of our customers and the opportunities of diversity
  • Transparency in our actions and decisions
  • Conservation of resources and sustainability

Our cornerstone

Our employees are our strength. They shape our reputation and performance. For us, targeted personnel development plays a key role in ensuring the success of the company. We also place great value on creating a working environment that has a positive impact on the motivation, satisfaction and performance of our employees.