se-austria GmbH & Co. KG, Austria, is an international façade construction specialist for project management and design of premium façades and special solutions.



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se-austria – ambitious solutions in steel-and-glass or all-glass designs

Founded in 1994, the façade construction skills of se-austria are now second to none. The company is responsible for projects around the world which in terms of their size, aesthetics and technical solutions are regarded as milestones. The 120 employees in Schörfling design and build complex steel glass architecture or spectacular aluminium, timber and membrane building envelopes worldwide. se-austria relies on intensive discussions with clients and architects right from the early phases of a project. We are committed to being a proactive project partner. Such an approach ensures optimum conditions for a construction project right from the outset. During the detailed design and construction phases, se-austria can deploy another of its outstanding strengths: excellent project management skills for façade projects.

The central project management department looks after the global activities of se-austria: consulting, design, project management, quality management and erection.
The open atmosphere supports the interdisciplinary approach.
Innovative and highly complex geometries made possible through parametric design and digital tools.
se-austria's construction team provides design and engineering of complex architectural designs, whereby the intelligent networking of all project participants ensures on-schedule implementation.


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  • Dipl.-Ing (FH)
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time is precious - seele uses it sparingly

Whether it’s a shopping centre, a retail store or an office building, construction projects are under deadline pressure. seele knows this and plans extremely effi-ciently right from the start. The key to success lies in precise preparation with integrated, networked 3D planning and parameterization. Time savings and working with standardised systems such as BIM make coordination with other trades considerably easier. Assembly processes are also taken into account as early as the planning stage. A high degree of prefabrication likewise accelerates assembly. Systematic project management and comprehensive quality assurance result in the implementation of increasingly complex projects in ever shorter times.

ICONSIAM, Bangkok: 24m high all-glass façade © seele/Andreas Keller
Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia: construction of an exceptional steel-and-glass roof with a total area of 7,080sqm and spans of up to 44m.
Only 143 days were available for the final assembly of the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Australia.
Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds, United Kingdom: 3,700sqm roof with 266t fully welded steel structure.
Victoria Gate Arcades in Leeds, United Kingdom: 2,100sqm atrium roof, 150sqm skylight, 900sqm 3D grid roof with funnel-shaped lightwell and three entrance façades.
The Skylight is a 16-sided glass cylinder 1.3m high and about 11m in diameter with a load-bearing framework of rectangular hollow sections.
The façade oft the Apple retail store Knightsbridge in Singapore consists of 13 panes of insulating glass that are 3.1m wide and more than 14m high.
After only 5 months, seele completed all the work on site and the Apple retail store Knightsbridge in Singapore was able to open on time. Due to the complex delivery situation in the heart of a large city, the material was mainly delivered and assembled at night.

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