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seele GmbH – premium german façade contractor

seele GmbH, founded in 1984 and based in Gersthofen near Munich, is the origin of the seele group of companies with global operations. Some 400 specialised employees (150 in the design department alone) turn the ideas of renowned architects into technically advanced, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing high-tech façades. When it comes to maximum individuality and exceptional designs for building envelopes, seele GmbH stands apart from every other façade contractor. 

Pioneer in façade construction of the innovative kind

Clients who want complete façade construction solutions from one supplier, including consulting, site management, project management, engineering, fabrication, logistics and installation, choose seele GmbH, the innovative façade contractor in Germany. Additional services include the company’s own R&D unit, which works on new types of highly specialised façade solutions for construction projects all over the world. seele GmbH can provide expertise in the following types of façade construction:

Design and production processes continue to merge. The glass production hall was created in 1990 at seele’s headquarters in Gersthofen.
seele conducts façade tests in accordance with national and international guidelines, including classification and robustness tests for overhead glazing and thermal cycling tests.
Semi-automatic production ensures outstanding precision and quality at the same time as cost effectiveness, plus a high degree of customisation.
Individual projects need individual logistics: our unique elements leave the plant to an exact schedule, precisely labelled and optimally packed.


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High-tech façade projects are economically implemented with Industry 4.0

The seele GmbH portfolio includes custom designs for prefabricated units with, for example, complex geometries, large formats, high-quality materials or in the form of integrative façades. To do this, seele, as a premium façade contractor, relies on the digitalisation of manufacturing processes, which considerably improves the economic efficiency of a design and the associated manufacturing processes. Object and process data models as well as devices and machines are brought together at all interfaces in order to achieve a continuous exchange of information. Also the conversion of arbitrary free forms as well as large variance or volumes become possible. Production is closely linked to logistics and assembly to ensure an efficient workflow right up to the construction site.

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    It is also possible to build any free-form concepts. All the highly complex nodes needed for steel glass designs are fabricated with superior quality on multi-axial machining centres. At seele, fabrication of these challenging connection details is closely coordinated with logistics and construction to guarantee efficient workflows on site despite the many variations and large batches.
The spacious and very well-equipped production area provides space for large elements and high quantities.
The end-to-end quality assessment also monitors the manufacturing process.
seele also relies on advanced manufacturing technologies for more efficiency and the highest precision in assembly.
Laser engraving makes it possible to determine the exact position of the component.
Each façade element is unique. The individual parts are organized according to the kanban principle, for example.
In machining, high-precision aluminium frames, among other things, are manufactured using CNC-controlled machines. The data from the design is accessed directly.
Tandem operation of two press brakes means sheet metal up to 8m in length can be processed in manufacturing.
The company's own sheet metal warehouse ensures supplies and keeps production times short.
The use of state-of-the-art punching and laser tools guarantees the highest level of quality.
Up to 15m long components receive their individual surface quality by painting and sandblasting.
Just-in-time production and delivery of façade elements is the solution for construction projects with little space and little storage space.

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