seele pilsen s.r.o in the Czech Republic is a specialist for steel construction, demanding steel-and-glass façades and façade construction from design to erection with precision engineering.


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seele pilsen – the specialist for precision-engineered steel and façade construction

Accomplished structural steelwork is intrinsic to many façade construction projects worldwide. And seele pilsen in the Czech Republic is regarded as one of the most important companies in this field. It was founded in 1996 and practises the philosophy of the seele group of companies, serving as a pioneer and highly innovative partner for architects and clients. All the steel members fabricated here comply fully with the technical and aesthetic project briefs. Steel construction “made by seele pilsen” is the perfect combination of craft-like skills and the art of engineering. Our fabrication expertise is unique. Therefore, steel façade elements supplied by seele pilsen are in demand throughout the world. Some 100 employees, 40 of them engineers and technicians, handle highly complex 3D designs and develop innovative solutions and production technologies at seele’s plant in the Czech Republic.

seele pilsen manufactures high-quality steel constructions in a production area spanning approx. 4,200sqm.
Highly accurate 3D design and perfect knowledge of the materials guarantee the unequalled steel construction quality of seele pilsen.
Oversize steel members are delivered to the site on custom transport frames fabricated in our own plant.
Packaged steel components leaving the production plant in the Czech Republic in top-quality and will arrive at their destination on time.
High-end construction: experienced seele installation crews fixing spandrel panels at breathtaking heights on the InterContinental Hotel site in Davos.


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  • Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
  • Tomas Zajic 
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  • Tel: +420 377 432 810

Huge yet running like clockwork – the steel fabrication plant

seele pilsen regards itself as a centre of expertise for high-quality steel construction. The tough quality aspirations run like a thread through all phases of our production. Tight tolerances and uncompromising accuracy reflect the exceptional expertise in façade construction. With a total production floor area of about 4,200sqm and a high degree of automation, even the largest projects with complex geometries can be handled efficiently by seele pilsen.

Welding certification for the Canadian market: CSA Standard W47.1 attests the admission to export welding steel constructions with static bearing functions for Canada.
Unique projects require special manufacturing skills, e.g. with the help of a torsion machine: With a torque of 50,000Nm, angles of up to ±30 º are possible.
To supply the many precise, one-off forms for the KACWC project, seele developed special 3D tube-bending machines, which also marked each tube with an unique installation code.
Immaculate steel construction results for façades. seele fabricates mild and stainless steels to the highest quality.
Straightening, grinding and welding with craft-like perfection carried out with manual stud welding units, pulse welding systems and CNC stud welding equipment.
Premium surfaces for large formats: steel members up to 14m long can be treated in the dry abrasive blasting and zinc-rich painting shop.
Engineers use highly accurate lasers (Radian Laser Tracker) to check structural steel members and carry out large-volume metrology.
Maximum precision in seele façade construction: milling, drilling and turning are carried out on CNC machines with a precision that is unrivalled in the building industry.

seele pilsen s.r.o.

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