anyone wanting to implement sophisticated building envelopes relies on the façade construction expertise of seele

What is it that makes pioneering architecture so magical? It is the ability to outshine everything that’s gone before – through brilliant ideas and accomplished technical realisation. And the latter is the province of seele. We admit it: we love new things and get excited about tasks where the solution is not obvious, but instead has to be worked out carefully and thoroughly. seele creates revolutionary free forms in timber, steel and other highly innovative materials for ambitious architects. Those solutions not only enclose a building, they fuse with it to form a relationship, portray the design concept adequately and captivate through their constructional, functional and formal perfection.

Sustainability is not only a façade at seele

Intelligent façades last longer, sustain values, conserve resources. This is what seele is actively committed to. seele records its supply chain consistently, thereby providing clients with valuable advantages when it comes to building certification, for instance. Upon request, seele supports clients in establishing standards such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. Building envelopes thus make a valuable contribution to achieving a defined energy rating. 

Image: © Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

Digital tools and Industry 4.0

Modern 3D methods from seele generate a freedom of design that would have been inconceivable in the past. Free-form solutions, inclined façades and highly intricate geometries – everything is possible. With the help of laser scanners for the measurement and quality control of components, 3D printing, BIM, networking and automation in production as well as the use of VR technology, seele is a pioneer in the industry.