creating a glass sandwich façade with GSP®

Glass sandwich façades stand for modern façade design. Outstanding design, high performance and short construction times make the glass sandwich façade the façade type of first choice for office, retail and commercial buildings. GSP® combines glass, wall and insulation in one construction element. Consisting of a serial sandwich panel with structurally bonded glass pane, GSP® provides optimum insulation properties and attracts with impressive of design. In combination with common window and façade systems, homogeneous glass sandwich façades are created from one cast. 


  • Combines glass, wall and insulation
  • Easy planning: grid construction
  • U-values as low as 0.13 W/(m²K)
  • Serial production
  • Short construction time
  • Fast, optimised transports
  • Lower operating costs

Header image: © Architekturfotografie Bach

GSP® – serial production – short construction time

The high degree of prefabrication involved in the production of GSP® permits a fast progress during the construction of the production building extension and ensures that the structural frame is quickly enclosed. GSP® is assembled with other panels by utilising a tongue and groove joint system with concealed fixings, like plug-and-play.

  • Factory Security Building, Munich(DE)
  • GSP® Plug-and-play
  • GSP® with an insulation made from mineral wool
  • GSP® Digital printing
  • GSP® up to 16 meters
  • GSP ® production plant
  • Serial production
  • GSP® Erection
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Factory Security Building, Munich(DE)
Flat surfaces, minimal joints, perfect connections and expressive minimalism characterise this glazed façade. © Becker Lacour
GSP® Plug-and-play
With all fixings hidden and no mechanical retainers, nothing can disturb the homogeneous appearance.
GSP® with an insulation made from mineral wool
GSP® with mineral wool can be used to cover glass sandwich façades for buildings with the highest fire protection requirements.
GSP® Digital printing
Using the digital printing process, each GSP® elements can be printed digitally to create a weather-resistant, scratchproof, non-fading surface. © Joerg Maxzin
GSP® up to 16 meters
In the basic variant - a 6 mm thick pane of heat-strengthened glass, which is bonded on the sandwich panel, forms the visible glass surface.
GSP ® production plant
The GSP ® production plant can produce elements up to 16 m long, fast and cost-effectively.
Serial production
After cutting to size, edge working, printing on the glass pane and the enamelling process, the glass, silicone and sandwich panel components are joined together with millimetre accuracy in an automated process.
GSP® Erection
During the installation process, the GSP ® is brought into the vertical with a vacuum suction system and lifted with a crane to the place of installation.


Office building, production hall
Halstenbek, Germany

Electronic Market
Dortmund, Germany

Office Building
Gersthofen, Germany

Office Building
Michelhausen, Austria

Kufstein, Austria

Factory security building
Munich, Germany