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seele is one of the leaders in the world of façade and roof construction. Providing solutions for spectacular building skins and innovative façades is the responsibility of seele’s 1,000+ employees worldwide. From intelligent planning to efficient installation, seele provides everything necessary to complete ambitious architectural one-offs true to their original designs.


TEC Bridge



­seele creates a dazzling complexity and sculptural strength in façade construction at the stainless steel tube façade of the building project King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (KACWC)

­seele installs a complex steel glass roof in leeds, UK for the project victoria gates arcades

Victoria Gates

­San Francisco

Apple Retail Store
San Francisco

­seele's developement of an intelligent solution for the steel-and-glass roof for Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

latest news

  • ETFE with aerogel filling by seele cover enables U-value of 0.165 W/(m²K)

    For the modular research and innovation building DFAB House of Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research), seele cover implemented, in cooperation with researchers of the ETH Zürich, a world innovation: a translucent ETFE façade with aerogel filling.

  • More news
    ETFE façade made by seele cover for the research project DFAB House

    building envelope and façade engineering

    Bold façade concepts need the expertise of seele to turn them into reality. We see our profession as working closely together with clients and architects to create lasting value. Our knowledge of materials, production technologies, and innovative façade engineering paves the way to new answers. For steel-and-glass designs, unitised façades, structural glass and membrane structures. It is precisely the complex tasks that are the driving force behind our creativity and ingenuity.

    ­Steel glass designs by seele: Superlative, unique façades, formidable complexity and long spans lead to an unmatched steel glass architecture

    steel glass design

    ­Use of structural glass by seele: taking the lead in glass architecture

    structural glass

    ­Unitised façades by seele: As economic as batches, as individual as custom products

    unitised façade

    ­Membrane designs by seele: Textile architecture with the use of membrane roofs and ETFE-foil

    membrane structures