AIDAperla ETFE foildomes made by seele cover


ETFE film roofs


ETFE film cushions

ETFE roofs for AIDA cruises

An AIDA Cruise counts as one of the best ways of combining a cruise, a wellness holiday, city breaks and enjoying the wonders of nature. The fleet of ships is one the most modern and most environmentally friendly in the world, and seele cover is a member of the shipbuilding team – responsible for the design and construction of four ETFE foil roofs on two ships, AIDAprima and AIDAperla, belonging to the AIDA Cruises line.

  • The total area of the ETFE roofs on both ships is about 4,000sqm. Three-layer, transparent ETFE foil cushions span over the pool and leisure areas of the activity decks with their “4 Elements” and “Beach Club” centrepieces. Movable roof sections enable the areas of the “4 Elements” to be opened to the sky. Vibrations from the ship’s engines, acceleration forces due to the motion of the ship, high wind loads some 50m above sea level, the marine climate with its corresponding salt concentrations plus the different climate zones place tough demands on the materials and combinations thereof as well as the structural design and the detailing. ETFE foil roofs in shipbuilding are new, which is why the necessary engineering solutions represent a huge challenge.

    Once again seele lives up to its role as a pioneer in the field of innovative membrane construction by realising this unique project.

    Reference overview: © Karsten Moritz

    Header image: © AIDA

© Karsten Moritz


Client Aida Cruises, Hamburg (DE)
Main contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Nagasaki (JP)
Architect Partner Ship Design GmbH, Hamburg (DE)
Date of completion 2016
Scope of seele supply
  • Planning ETFE-foildomes for AIDAperla and AIDAprima
    • moveable ETFE-foildomes „4 Elements“
    • membrane and steel construction
    • ETFE-foildomes „Beach Club“
  • Manufacturing of ETFE-foildomes
  • Supply and installation of
    • ETFE-foildomes
    • moving equipment for the ETFE-foildomes „4 Elements“
    • pneumatic system