16 x 8m

glass roof


cold-bent insulating glass units

aria hotel

This luxurious boutique hotel in the centre of Budapest combines neobaroque style with modern, timeless design. An atrium with a glass roof extends the lobby, allowing a view of the hotel’s five storeys and rooftop terrace. seele was responsible for the atrium glazing at the exclusive Aria Hotel.

The all-glass design consists of five cold-bent insulating glass units with solar-control layer spanning 8.13m. The glass roof measures 15.9m x 8.13m in total and is 0.90m high. Four glass fins act as structural members and the façade panes at the two ends of the all-glass roof function as both fin and façade glazing. The glass elements are connected using structural glazing methods and therefore exploit modern, design-oriented adhesive technology. Smoke and heat vents are neatly incorporated into the design along the edges of the all-glass roof. By exploiting its all-round glass skills, seele was able to reduce the 36 separate panes of the original pitched roof to five insulating glass units. Here, design and functionality complement each other in a remarkable way.

  • The particular challenge of this project was the erection, as the panes of glass had to be lifted off the delivery vehicle parked in a narrow street, over the five storeys and then lowered into the narrow inner courtyard. It was vital to ensure that the radius of the bent insulating glass was not altered by the operations or the attachment points for the lifting gear. From loading the transport vehicle at the production plant to selecting the erection equipment, the entire operation was planned meticulously.

    The provision of the atrium glazing demonstrates the comprehensive all-glass skills of seele. The unique transparency of the glass roof creates a successful bond between the lobby and the balconies around the inner courtyard.

    1st, 2nd & 4th slide image: © Library Hotel Collection; reference overview, header, 5th, 6th & 7th slide image: Tamás Bujnovszky


Client IK Hotels kft.
Architect Örökségvédelmi Tervező és Szolgáltató Kft.
Engineer Robert Englisch
Date of completion 2014
Scope of seele supply
  • 5 cold-bent insulating glass panes measuring 15.9m long x 8.13m wide in total
  • 4 glass fins 
  • 2 façade panes that function as structural fin and insulating glass pane, or rather façade glazing
  • 10 smoke and heat vents