Park House, London, UK

park house

A new architectural landmark, designed by Robin Partington Architects, is joining the streetscape of Oxford Street, London’s best-known shopping address. Park House has retailing and office space on the lower floors with exclusive penthouse apartments above. The building with its rounded form extends the length of one block. Its taller, wider end faces west, towards Hyde Park. At the other end, the roof curves gently downwards. Reflecting its surroundings, the façade is segmented – alternating between metal and glass. The roof curves in both directions and is separated from the façade on all sides by a continuous loggia.

  • The contract to design, fabricate and erect the complex roof structure was awarded to seele. Above the apartments, the roof covering consists of 1,900 glass and aluminium elements, every one of which has different dimensions and angles. Special sections have been developed for the opening lights, whose functions were simulated and tested in a 3D model. The 176 steel beams of the primary structure trace the organic form of this building. Like the roof covering, the beams could only be designed with the help of a 3D model because each one has a different geometry: The upper flanges all have different angles, the depths of the webs vary and the lower flanges are rounded. Plant rooms in the upper central area are enclosed in aluminium louvres – further unique elements.

    This project enabled seele to demonstrate its extensive expertise in structural glazing directly on site. It is not only the high number of different components and the constraints of the site that call for sophisticated logistics. Installation, too, with 90% of the panes of glass being bent cold on site but still with the necessary accuracy, was extremely demanding.

    Project images: © Robin Partington Architects

4,000sqm roof structure  1,300sqm post-and-rail façade

Client Park House (Oxford St.) Ltd.
Architect Robin Partington Architects
Engineer Ramboll
Date of completion 2012
Scope of seele supply
  • approx. 4,000sqm roof cladding
  • approx. 1,300sqm terrace glazing
  • approx. 500sqm terrasse soffit
  • approx. 800sqm Kalzip-roof
  • approx. 800sqm louvres cladding
  • 36 lifting-sliding doors

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