St. David’s Shopping Centre, Cardiff, UK

st. david’s shopping centre

Two glass bridges now link St. David’s shopping centre in Cardiff with its new extension along one side. The new building traces a gentle curve and is covered by a glass barrel-vault roof over its entire length. In the middle there is a groin vault in double curvature, the hub of the new centre.

  • This challenging structure required 3D design methods that transferred all details to the fabricators directly. Such an approach guarantees the right economic and technical conditions for an ideal realisation. Mounted on top of the primary structure of curved steel circular hollow sections is a framework of aluminium sections that follows the polygonal line of the roof surface. Together with the secondary members they form the network of trapeziums that supports the glazing. Aluminium strips cover the joints parallel with the slope of the roof and produce a finely structured roof surface. The horizontal joints are sealed with silicone only in order to guarantee no interruption to the water run-off. Additional point fixings secure the panes against wind uplift.

    The fully glazed link at the northern end shows a degree of constructional finesse. Load-bearing brackets project from the edges of the reinforced concrete floor slab to support the vertical glass fins that carry the entire load of the glass façade. The roof to the bridge is also completely of glass. Five parallel glass fins 8.5m long form a stable supporting construction for the large-format panes overhead.

6,000sqm façade and roof area
Client Bovis Lend Lease
Architect Benoy
Engineer Arup
Date of completion 2009
Scope of seele supply
  • Design, fabrication and installation of the arcade rooflight steel structure and its glazing
  • Approx. 230t architectural steel work
  • Approx. 6,000sqm glazed surface (façades and roofs)
  • Including entrance zones with façades and doors, glass bridges, internal façades and escalator glazing

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