Façade structure by seele for new Peninsula Hotel London


bronze coloured façade construction 



30m x 8.20m 

huge canopies

Bronze coloured façade for Peninsula Hotel in London

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited is the owner and operator of some of the world’s finest hotel properties under The Peninsula brand. The Peninsula portfolio comprises ten operational Peninsula hotels in exceptional city centre locations in Asia, US and Europe, with a further three under development in London, Istanbul and Yangon.
The Peninsula London is situated in an exceptional location adjacent to Hyde Park and Green Park and will have sweeping views over Buckingham Palace Gardens. The property will comprise of 190 hotel rooms and 24-28 private residences, with luxury facilities including a spa and world-class restaurants.
seele was commissioned with the design, fabrication and installation of various façade and door systems as well as canopies of approx. 21,751sqm.

  • The entrances of the hotel will be highlighted by a canopy made from patinated brass frames and glazing, up to 30m x 8.20m. The special surface will be a feature throughout the design: all window elements of the façade will have a bronze colour tone and material consisting of anodised aluminium and patinated brass. Another highlight is a striking ring pattern which will be milled in the window elements. In total, approx. 488 elements of 9 different types, including windows up to 3.30 x 4.20m and sliding window elements up to 5.00 x 3.20m, will be created.
    seele has already manufactured visual mock-ups of one window element and installed it in Gersthofen, Germany as well as in London. Another mock-up of the unitised façade, which will be situated on 2nd – 5th level, will follow.

    Header Image: © Hopkins Architects

  • Peninsula Hotel London with façade structure made by seele
  • Peninsula Hotel London with façade structure made by seele
Peninsula Hotel London with façade structure made by seele
© Hopkins Architects
Peninsula Hotel London with façade structure made by seele
© Hopkins Architects

Unique material competence in brass

Bronze and brass have enjoyed increasing popularity in architecture in recent years. In combination with various manufacturing processes, joining techniques and surface finishing, there are many possibilities for product function and design. For the Peninsula Hotel project, the team from seele's R&D department had to work intensively on the most sensible combination of all influencing parameters. Essential components were material workshops with samples and product examples in order to gradually approach the intentions and technical feasibility. This also included the adaptation of the upper areas of the façade in which anodised aluminium is used. The result was several surface treatment processes to prepare the final surface characteristics and a patination and protection process adapted to them. Taking all factors and workshops into account, the decision for the ground floor was ultimately made in favour of patinated brass.

Patinated brass
Creation of samples and product examples to find the best solution
Further material competence: use of anodised aluminium for the upper areas

project diary

Installation progress on Peninsula Hotel in London

The extensive design process for the luxury hotel began as early as 2016. Since then, seele has already created several mock-ups and production is running at full speed. Assembly on site began in May 2019.

  • 08/2019
  • 06/2019
  • 05/2019
  • 11/2018
  • 08/2018
  • 06/2018
  • 10/2017


The first façade elements with glazing and characteristing relief panels with ring pattern are installed.


For the three canopies of the hotel, which extend up to 7.7m, seele built another mock-up. It consists of a steel substructure, patinated brass and curved glass panes. The building will later be roofed over with an area of approx. 450sqm.


Assembly on site has begun: In the first step, the rails for the substructure of the outer walls on the first floor are now being installed. This is followed by the corresponding perforated windows.


The production of the elements at seele GmbH is running at full speed. 5 of the 9 element types have already been completed.


Performance mock-up at seele in Gersthofen: Several tests were carried out on two overlying façade elements.


The first manufactured façade elements leave seele in Gersthofen and are stored in a warehouse in Rotterdam.


The second of two visual mock-ups with a surrounding stone façade is completed in London: The aluminium element consists of an opening element, a balustrade and metal sheets above.


Client The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited
Architect Hopkins Architects
Engineer WSP facades
Date of completion 2020
Scope of seele supply
  • Bronze stick façade system on ground floor level (made out of patinated brass), approx. 878sqm
  • Bronze punched window elements (patinated brass) on 1st level, approx. 830sqm
  • Unitised façade on 2nd – 5th Level
    • Aluminium-structure, bronze anodised with glazing, approx. 5950sqm
    • Aluminium-structure, bronze anodised, behind stone façade, approx. 3,100sqm
  • Sliding doors on 6th – 8th level with aluminium structure, bronze anodised, approx. 2,200sqm
  • Bronze canopies, external elevations and courtyard (patinated brass), with curved glazing, approx. 460sqm