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1.WestendGate canopy, Frankfurt, Germany 
…WestendGate in Frankfurt am Main: canopy 
2.Westfield London – glass shell roof, London, UK 
…Westfield in London: glass shell roof 
3.Trinity Church, New York, USA 
…Trinity Church New York: steel-and-glasscanopy 
4.Structural glass 
…All-glass façades 
5.seele at Glass Performance Days 2017 
seele was part of the Glass Performance Days 2017 in Finnland.… and interested parties in the field of façade and glass constructions as well as architecture are meeting at… 
6.Messeturm Frankfurt: 17m high glass façade for the entrance lobby 
Messeturm in Frankfurt 17m high glass façade by seele.… manufacture and install a 1,800 sqm steel and glass façade for this entrance area.  
7.Film of seele’s steel-and-glass roof for Chadstone Shopping Centre 
…p of the erection of the 500t of steel and 2,672 insulating glass units was recorded from unique perspectives. 
8.Steel glass design 
…Steel-glass façades 
9.277 Park Avenue, New York, USA 
…277 Park Avenue in New York: steel-and-glass construction 
10.ICONSIAM – an icon in all-glass design 
… Urban Architects, a geometrically complex suspended glass façade with different radii was created. With a… 
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