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Façade types

seele building envelopes – new structures become reality

What is it that makes pioneering architecture so magical? It is the ability to outshine everything that’s gone before – through brilliant ideas and accomplished technical realisation. And the latter is the province of seele. We admit it: we love new things and get excited about tasks where the solution is not obvious, instead has to be worked out carefully and thoroughly. seele creates revolutionary free forms in timber, steel and other highly innovative materials for ambitious architects. Those solutions not only enclose a building, they fuse with it to form a relationship, portray the design concept adequately and captivate through their constructional, functional and formal perfection.

Complex building skins and visionary designs by architects become reality due to leading expertise by façade constructor seele.

Façade construction

With full knowledge of just what is feasible, the materials and innovative façade engineering, façade contractor seele can achieve totally new solutions. seele regards complex tasks as welcome challenges, as the driving force behind creativeness and ingenuity.

Steel glass construction by seele: Completely new scope for design concerning building envelopes thanks to advanced engineering

Steel glass design

When companies have steel, glass and advanced engineering all under control, then completely new design options become feasible. That is seele’s pledge worldwide. With our engineering expertise and enthusiasm for new solutions, our steel glass design creations can be thoroughly optimised in every respect: geometry, loadbearing structure and costs.

Unitised façades with cost-optimized engineering by seele: Individuality with the highest level of prefabrication despite serial production

Unitised façades

Economic yet highly individual. Because unitised façades by seele are the result of a new approach involving costs-focused engineering, serial production and maximum prefabrication. Even daring designs can therefore be built economically. 

All-glass constructions or structural glass by seele have a high load capacity in the range of glass architecture and feature invisible connections.

Structural glass

The art of omission reaches its climax in seele’s structural glass, i.e. all-glass, designs. Invisible connections and the skilful use of glass for puristic yet load-bearing façades, stairs, balustrades, etc. Structural glass by seele is an architectural experience.

Membrane design by seele: Light materials, efficient load-bearing structures and intelligent systems shape the new lightweight construction in textile architecture

Membrane structures

New lightweight construction by seele is based on light materials, efficient load-bearing structures and intelligent systems. This results in fascinating plate and shell structures and multi-layer modular forms of construction with futuristic forms and multiple functions. Membrane structures by seele are shaping the future of architecture.