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Façade construction specialist seele makes architectural visions buildable – faithful to the original design and using new façade engineering, materials and comprehensive skills for all process steps.

Façade construction

seele – the trailblazer in the future of façade engineering

Bold façade concepts often need the expertise of seele to turn them into real objects. We see ourselves as doers working closely with clients and architects to create sustainable values. Our knowledge of feasibility, materials and innovative façade engineering paves the way to new answers. Complicated tasks motivate us, are the driving force behind our creativeness and ingenuity. Quality and complying with current regulations are always part of this, always a priority – secured by comprehensive quality assurance measures wherever we are in the world. And all with just one aim: the perfect realisation of superlative architecture.

  • seele’s engineering concept contains multi-functionality and aesthetics of façade constructions with a simultaneous economical façade building from the material selection to the installation.

    Engineering concepts for building envelopes with many talents

    Multi-functionality, aesthetics and economy – a façade can offer all that when every aspect has already been considered during the planning phase. This is exactly the idea behind the interdisciplinary design approach of seele’s developers. They can handle the latest materials and make use of advanced technologies. The results are uncompromising answers to façade concepts – true to the architect’s ideas. seele is responsible for implementation right down to the details. From choosing materials to design and much more besides, e.g. the development of new production machines where these are needed to complete a project.

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  • seele checks the structural design and static of their façade constructions on extra built mock-ups with prior stress tests i.a. earthquake and hurricane simulations.

    Load-bearing capacity in challenging situations, too

    Some situations place special demands on the structural design of a façade. Earthquake regions, for example. Or areas where hurricanes rage on a regular basis. seele can design intelligent solutions to withstand such extreme conditions as well. Redundancy is an example of a concept that our structural engineers can include in their design strategy. Or special connectors for structural glass designs. The seele safety concept also covers advance loading tests on mock-ups – carried out on seele’s own testing grounds. The findings gained from such tests are incorporated in the planning, likewise solutions borrowed from other technology sectors.

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  • seele guarantees a constantly high level of quality of their façade constructions by using the established business development policy for defining their local structures and supply chain at site.

    seele quality still leads the way – throughout the world

    Ambitious architecture is being designed and built by seele in more and more countries. Under the most diverse conditions but always to the same high standard. All that is the result of a successful strategy that focuses on the construction project. How can a project be implemented in line with local rules and regulations? Which local structures and supply chains are necessary for completion? Those are just a few of the issues that seele deals with on the basis of an established business development policy that ensures that all core competences remain “made in Germany” but that the company is well positioned locally to handle the given tasks.

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  • Minimal tolerances for façade engineering by seele: The façade technology overcomes even the most extreme weather influences and climates without any problems by using high-value materials.

    Minimal tolerances, even in extreme climates

    In order that façades can withstand even extreme weather conditions and daily or seasonal temperature fluctuations, complete knowledge of the material properties is essential during façade development. For example, our experts employ glass coatings, develop glass combinations and devise opaque insulating elements that comply with the new energy requirements for building envelopes. So the range of applications for glass is always growing. Also the ability of glass to contribute to optimum climatic conditions inside a building. The innovative SCF principle developed by seele, which ensures cavity ventilation without condensation, is just one example.

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  • The seele-logistics cover local, geographical and climatic aspects and enables even at small building sites the construction of large façade technologies.

    Logistics – being in the right place at the right time

    Good logistics make projects more economic. And some projects would be inconceivable without meticulous planning. seele is regarded as a specialist when it comes to logistics for large, varying batches. Just-in-time production and delivery of façade elements is the answer to construction projects on confined sites with limited storage options. seele can also handle large formats, e.g. panes of glass up to 15m long. Local, geographical and climatic aspects are considered by our specialists when drawing up bespoke logistics concepts: from corrosion protection when shipping by sea to customs documents with verification of the total supply chain – everything is planned down to the last detail.

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  • seele creates a novelty in the design and installation of innovative façade con-structions by using modern façade technology and installation planning

    Freedom in design – complexity in erection

    seele employs modern 3D methods to achieve design freedoms that would have been inconceivable in the past. Free-form solutions, sloping façades and highly intricate geometries – it’s all possible. Because our engineers know the best methods right from the start. Detailed erection plans, including instructions, safety concepts and design of temporary works, ensure a perfect result. And the specially developed equipment sometimes needed for erection also comes from seele. Everything from one supplier. For coherent building envelopes.

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  • Despite intense time pressure seele realizes more and more complex façade engineering in less and less time by using a systematic project organisation and an efficient time schedule.

    Time is precious – seele uses it carefully

    Not only in retail projects is time of the essence. seele knows this and plans timetables extremely efficiently right from the outset. The key to success lies in accurate preparations with consistent, networked 3D design and parameterisation. The time-savings and the use of standardised systems, e.g. BIM, are vital for simplifying the coordination with other trades. Erection workflows are also taken into account during planning. A high degree of prefabrication speeds up erection yet further. Systematic project organisation and comprehensive quality control allow ever more complex projects to be completed in ever shorter times.

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  • seele actively supports environmental protection: Therefore all of seele’s façade constructions are aligned to sustainability from their production to their installation.

    Sustainability is not just a buzzword for seele

    Intelligent façades last longer, maintain values, conserve resources. And this is where seele is active. seele records its supply chain consistently. Also because such data can give clients worthwhile advantages when it comes to building certification, for instance. On request, seele supports clients aiming for DGNB, LEED or BREEAM awards, for example. Building envelopes thus make a valuable contribution to achieving a defined energy rating. seele itself operates a far-sighted energy management policy and reduces the specific energy consumption in production and offices. For example, seele GmbH is accredited to DIN EN ISO 50001.

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