• Ambitious architecture such as the steel glass construction of 5 Broadgate in London is realised perfectly by façade constructor seele

    ambitious architecture, perfect façade construction


Cutting-edge skills for outstanding façade designs

seele is one of the leaders in the world of façade and roof construction. Providing solutions for spectacular building skins and innovative façades is the responsibility of seele’s 1,000+ employees worldwide. From intelligent planning to efficient installation, seele provides everything necessary to complete ambitious architectural one-offs true to their original designs.



Making façade history

Great architecture is heading in new directions 
and needs dedicated, expert individuals who can
turn them into reality. You can be one of them!
Discover the prospects for your career with seele.

Skilled employees
Training & studies


latest news

  • Welding certification for the Canadian market

    seele pilsen has been certified to fabricate structural and miscellaneous steel for buildings for the Canadian market. Without this admission no welded constructions with static bearing function can be exported to Canada.

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