Chadstone Shopping Centre - steel and glass roof made by seele

project films made by seele: exciting insights into the construction of special building envelopes

Take a look "behind the façade" and learn more about the special building envelopes made by seele in our project films. From design to production until the installation all over the world, we have documented projects with our camera and captured exciting impressions and breathtaking perspectives. You may also find more videos about the working world at seele on our YouTube channel.

Moynihan Train Hall, New York/USA

Three roof structures, over 5,000sqm, more than 3,000 elements and 670t of steel construction - designed, manufactured and installed by seele. With the special gridshell roofs, the Moynihan Train Hall was given a new face with a light-flooded station concourse and Penn Station was expanded for around 650,000 passengers daily. The project film gives you an impression of how the steel structure and the individual aluminium-glass elements were created, from design to production and installation in the heart of New York.

33rd Street Penn Station Entrance, New York/USA

In the making-of film about the "East End Gateway" you get an insight into the production of the complex canopy construction, for which approx. 105t of architectural steel construction was used. This was manufactured at seele pilsen in the Czech Republic. Subsequently, the entire steel construction was build up at seele for testing before the components were shipped to New York for final installation. The new entrance to Penn Station was opened on 01/01/2021 and is an architectural highlight on 33rd Street / 7th Avenue.

Capricorn Bridge, Dusseldorf/Germany

With the Capricorn Bridge in Dusseldorf/Germany, another steel and glass pedestrian bridge after the TEC Bridge in Toronto and at the same time another project in Germany was built by seele. With its special geometry and a spectacular structural concept, all steps from design to assembly were a new challenge that was successfully mastered. The creation process was documented by HG Esch Photography in this project film.

ICONSIAM Shopping Centre, Bangkok/Thailand

This project film shows the creation of the 300m long all-glass façade for the luxury shopping centre ICONSIAM in Bangkok. With 333 glass fronts and 333 glass fins of up to 16m, the assembly was a special highlight of this project. Highest precision was also required for the stainless steel shoes and brackets for the head and base points of the façade. About 103t of black steel and 118t of stainless steel were manufactured at seele pilsen in the Czech Republic. The 5,300sqm glass façade stretches along the shopping centre like a large fan and has become a highlight on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.

Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne/Australia

How do you create an extraordinary edifice in a very short time, in a confined space and under extreme climatic conditions? The film shot at the huge Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne shows the breathtaking construction of the complex steel-and-glass structure, seele's first project in Australia. With innovative design, precise manufacturing and a sophisticated logistics concept, the roof with a span of over 44m, 500t of steel and 2,672 insulating glass panes was successfully realised.