Unitised façades by seele: As economic as batches, but still individual. From cost-optimized engineering with the highest level of prefabrication to the economical installation.

unitised façades – as economic as batches, as individual as custom products

Cleverly designed unitised façades can be both: economic yet highly individual. seele makes this possible by using an advanced concept that considers more than just the entire creation process: the engineering that keeps costs in check, the serial production with maximum prefabrication, right up to economic installation methods. Synergies in engineering, production, logistics and installation enable the realisation of unitised façades with ISOshade® known as „advanced“ closed cavity façade (CCF) or conventional double-skin façades that are unequalled in terms of their functionality and design configurations.

ISOshade® - the "advanced" CCF without ventilation system

With the development of ISOshade®, seele offers an alternative technology to conventional, complex CCF. ISOshade® is an insulating glass unit with a factory integrated sun protection system. The unit consists of triple glazing and a sun protection system in a cavity – a venetian blind or a vertical blind. The external pane protects the sun protection system from dirt and weather influences. The cavity within ISOshade® conditions itself via a volume-dependent system. A maintenance free system maintains the climate loads in the cavity to keep them at a permissible level. This eliminates the need to purchase, install and build any ventilation or piping system, and at the same time reduces operating and life cycle cost – compared to conventional CCF. The integrated sun protection can be revised via maintenance flap to extend the service life of ISOshade®. 

Beside ISOshade® seele offers the conventional CCF with external ventilation technology. seele has demonstrated its expertise in this area in the realisation of the K11 Musea.

Light guidance: ISOshade® is available with an integrated external venetian blind or a vertical awning.
ISOshade®: The element offers needs-oriented sun protection and maximum transparency.
ISOshade®: Detail of an ISOshade® element with maintanance flap. ©seele
Ventilation concepts: CCF in comparison to ISOshade®. ©seele
K11 Musea, Hong Kong: the glass of the façade are built according to the CCF principle with external ventilation.
Hotel Wagram, Paris: undulating unitised façade made from bent insulating glass units. The cavities between the panes are conditioned according to the SCF principle.

Multi-leaf element forms: double glass façades by seele

seele can also supply bespoke solutions for double-leaf façades. One very good example is the hybrid double glass façade that was specially developed for the European Central Bank, which has three façade layers so the interior can be ventilated directly from outside. Opening elements are integrated into the outer façade in such a way that they do not disturb the purist lines of the façade. The advantages of the double skin over the single skin are better sound insulation and better thermal performance. In addition, there are benefits at very windy locations and sunshades can be incorporated in the cavity.