seele cover, specialist for innovative membrane construction and textile architecture: Design, fabrication, construction, complete textile architecture (i.a. ETFE-foil) and own testing laboratory.

se cover creates unique membrane tensile structures and ETFE solutions

Using innovative materials and pioneering building envelopes, se cover is changing the face of architecture worldwide. For sports arenas, airports, swimming pools, shopping centres or even cruise liners. Based in Rosenheim in southern Germany, se cover is recognised as an expert when it comes to innovative, sustainable membrane structures and lightweight plate and shell structures for new solutions in roof and façade design. Due to its international positioning and project competence, the international membrane project business is managed by se-austria GmbH & Co. KG. Technically demanding projects get what they need: Know-how and scalable resources. Perfect membrane architecture requires many competences, se cover and se-austria bundling their skills perfectly. From the first sketch to the last assembly step, se cover and se-austria offer professional support and the willingness to break new ground for common goals.

Advantages membrane structures by seele

  • Innovative materials, efficient load-bearing structures and intelligent systems
  • Low in weight, big in ecology
  • Sustainable throughout the life cycle
  • Creating open spaces under pleasant climatic conditions

Further information on membrane tensile structures can be found here.


se cover GmbH

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