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More and more spectacular architectural icons are being built in Canada’s cities, too. And seele canada Inc. has the services that clients and architects need to turn their iconic visions into reality. The company offers the entire range of seele façade construction expertise for implementing premium building envelopes, and benefits to a particularly high degree from the know-how of the affiliated company seele Inc., which has been constructing fascinating building envelopes in the North American market for many years now. The main focus of the projects is on steel-and-glass and all-glass façades. A large network of outstanding suppliers in Canada as well as the accustomed precision of seele during all phases of façade construction projects guarantee the very highest quality.

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Grand Hall, Montreal: floating glass roof with unique all-glass structure consisting of 15m long glass panes and beams
Brookfield Place, Calgary: real estate project with steel-and-glass façade for the base of the tower, pavilion, glass kiosk and two +15 bridges made by seele.
TEC Bridge, Toronto: steel-and-glass design for a pedestrian bridge of 35m in length in the center of Toronto. Using 190 commercial bronze plates with milled ornaments.
West Block Rehabilitation Project, Ottawa: Modernisation oft the Canadian Parliament with a 2,485sqm triple-glazed curved glass roof.


Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hafner, president seele canada Inc. in Toronto, Canada

Construction under extreme conditions

No matter whether extreme weather conditions prevail or country-specific factors need to be considered, seele meets the challenges of every project. To accomplish complex building envelopes, extensive tests are usually necessary in advance. Particularly in the case of highly sophisticated solutions with complex geometries, the impact of extreme thermal cycling loads must be tested on critical construction details. In international projects, appropriate tests are carried out on full-scale mock-ups under extreme loads.

Weather challenges are not only faced during the planning phase, but also during installation. After all, the weather in Canada can reach extreme temperatures both in summer and winter. Snow on the roof at minus 25 degrees? Not an insurmountable problem for seele. To be a reliable partner when it comes to further assembly and silicone work in winter, seele builds heated enclosures, such as that implemented for the West Block Rehabilitation Project in Ottawa.

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Mock-up for the West Block Rehabilitation Project
West Block Rehabilitation Project: With the help of special enclosures silicone work could be done.
West Block Rehabilitation Project: In order to be able to carry out the installation even under extreme weather conditions, tons of snow had to be cleared from the roof every day.

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