anyone wanting to implement sophisticated building envelopes relies on the façade construction expertise of seele

Thanks to years of experience and comprehensive know-how, seele is regarded as the technology leader in the industry. The deep understanding of the materials results in unique façade and roof solutions made of glass, steel, aluminium, membranes and other high-tech materials. New challenges, which not everyone dares to face, attract seele, which is why the group is regarded as an innovator in façade construction. What distinguishes seele is its comprehensive expertise in glass construction with the most modern glass production, high-precision steelwork and digitalisation with the "digital twin". Broadly positioned, seele goes into the depths, creates interfaces and takes care of questions of the future.

Digital transformation and industry 4.0 at façade specialist seele

Digital transformation and industry 4.0

seele is intensively dealing with the digital transformation. At seele, for example, all departments such as production planning and production already rely on a single 3D model. This results in an end-to-end digitalized process. With the help of the department for the development of digital tools and system integration, topics such as the "digital twin" are being pushed. In order to create synergies from other industries, seele was also involved in the DigitalTWIN research project. 

Product innovations in construction elements

Predictive Maintenance

Almost all of seele's facades can be equipped with modern measurement and sensor technology. This makes so-called predictive maintenance possible. Proactive façade maintenance extends the life of the façade and reduces maintenance costs. Using the latest sensor technology, conclusions can be drawn about changes caused by weather influences, deviating individual states or critical temperature and humidity conditions. A new type of cloud cluster architecture is used to provide a simple, operable user interface.

Test center at seele in Germany for wind and water test, pendulum impact test, hurricane tests, visual mock-ups and many more.

Putting excellent façade competence to the test

The entire seele group of companies uses the test and inspection centre in Gersthofen, Germany. Engineering services and façade structures are tested according to national and international guidelines as well as test scenarios developed in-house using true-to-scale mock-up buildings. Here, load and performance tests such as thermal cycling test, pendulum impact test, hurricane test, light or assembly tests are carried out.

High-precision steel construction based on highly complex 3D models at seele

High-precision steel construction based on highly complex 3D models

Precise steelwork is the basic prerequisite for the successful implementation of a steel-and-glass construction. Low tolerances and uncompromising accuracy are an expression of the extraordinary façade construction competence. The challenge lies in mastering, bundling and directing forces and then manufacturing the steel constructions in an interplay of state-of-the-art robotics and experienced craftsmanship.