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You learn from leading figures in this sector of industry. You get the support you need and work on projects that attract attention worldwide. As a school-leaver, you can start your technical, commercial or manual crafts training with seele in Augsburg. Or you can begin a combined study/training scheme, which can provide you with excellent skills after leaving school. seele stands for first-class training quality and exceptional extra benefits: internal training courses, language courses, on-the-job tuition and chances to work abroad. Just a few clicks and your training dreams could become reality. 

Vacant positions

­Your training geared to the needs of the future can begin in one of seele’s many technical, commercial or manual occupations in Gersthofen, Lauingen, Obing, Schörfling and Plzeň.

Training at seele: so that your talents become a successful career

Now it's getting exciting: Which of our apprenticeships are you most interested in? In the following we will give you an insight into the various professions. Just click on the one you are interested in. Would you like to get an exclusive insight into the work at seele and the training professions? Then get to know your dream job even better during an internship at seele. You can submit your application here. You can also find further impressions of the world of work at seele on Instagram and on our YouTube channel.

  • Technical System Designer, Steel and Metal Construction f/m/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen I Obing

    Matthias: „At seele I learn from the best. That’s extremely important for my future."

    Occupation Technical System Designer, steel and metal construction m/f/d
    Requirements Secondary school leaving certificate or secondary education, good grades in mathematics or in the technical subjects, interest in technical contexts, spatial imagination, enjoy teamwork
    Location Gersthofen or Obing
    Duration 3,5 years

    Architecture and the creation of buildings fascinate you? Then be a part of it at seele. In this apprenticeship as a technical system planner for steel and metal construction technology (f/m/d), you will use CAD programs to create drawings and technical documents that serve as models for diverse glass, steel, aluminium and membrane constructions in production. You contribute to turning an idea into a complex high-tech construction.

    After your apprenticeship, you will join the seele design team as a desinger and can shape your career at seele through diverse internal and external further training measures.

    Vacant positions

  • Technical Drafter f/m/d (AT)

    Location Schörfling (Austria) I Plzeň (Czech Republic)

    Felix: „The very latest CAD software for innovative designs."

    Occupation Technical drafter m/f/d
    Requirements Good school-leaving certificate, but also open to others who have not completed their college education or those who have completed other trainings, good grades in mathematics and/or technical subjects, a good grasp of technology, the ability to imagine things in 3D
    Location Schörfling (Austria) or Plzeň (Czech Republic)
    Duration 3½ years* (Schörfling) I 3 years (Plzeň)

    Before our building envelopes attract worldwide attention, you, as a technical drafter, will have to draw every detail perfectly. That means developing construction details, using CAD software to produce drawings of individual parts and assemblies and being responsible for detailing subassemblies. In order that every part ends up in the right place during installation, you will compile parts lists and update these in the project workflow. In addition, you will produce full documentation for façade projects.

    If you are interested in engineering, love detailed work and like a structured working environment, then this training is the one for you.

    * If you have another skilled occupation or a higher school certificate it is possible to reduce the apprenticeship period.

    Vacant positions

  • Industrial Business Management Assistant f/m/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen | Obing

    Patricia: „I’ve learned about all the departments here – which is all the more important for my job."

    Occupation Industrial business management assistant m/f/d
    Requirements School-leaving certificate, good grades in bookkeeping, mathematics, economics and law, a talent for languages is an advantage, interested in working on computers and handling figures
    Location Gersthofen, Obing
    Duration 3 years

    You want to get paid for shopping and you are a real number cruncher? Then turn your talent into a profession in the training as an industrial management assistant (f/m/d)! You are the interface between sales and production and deal with business management tasks in varied departments such as purchasing, human resources and marketing, as well as finance and accounting. Your friendly interaction with customers and colleagues creates a positive climate and ensures successful processes.

    Vacant positions

  • Management Assistant for Digitalisation Management f/m/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Simon: „The perfect combination of IT and business."

    Occupation Management Assistant in Digitalisation Management (m/f/d)
    Requirements A-level or school-leaving certificate, organizational talent, passion for software, hardware and technology, enjoying work and communication in a team
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3 years

    As a digital native, digitalisation is no foreign word for you and you want to realise your own projects? Then the apprenticeship as a management assistant in digitalisation management (f/m/d) is just the right thing for you! You will analyse and evaluate digital processes, advise our specialist departments and determine their needs for the appropriate IT solution. Afterwards, you will be responsible for the implementation, which you will accompany commercially and technically.

    Vacant positions

  • IT Specialist, Applications Development / System Integration f/m/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Simon: „Typical of seele – all well connected."

    Occupation IT specialist in applications development or system integration m/f/d
    Requirements A-level or school-leaving certificate, good grades in mathematics, computer science, an interest in working with computers and dealing with figures
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3 years

    You can already see the next software program in different combinations of numbers? Then you are just right for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development (f/m/d)! Here you will be involved in software development and pursue the goal of creating customised solutions. For this purpose you plan, design and program in various programs and applications. With developer tools you also create user-friendly interfaces.

    Technology fascinates you also in your spare time? Then apply for training as a computer scientist in system integration (f/m/d)! Here you will mainly work with hardware and plan and configure IT systems. You will install and configure computer centres, networks and client-server systems according to specific requirements. You support the users with modern diagnostic systems.

    Vacant positions

  • Metalworker, Construction f/m/d (DE I CZ)

    Location Gersthofen (Germany) I Plzeň (Czech Republic)

    Frederik: „From a single part to the whole construction."

    Occupation Metalworker, construction m/f/d
    Requirements Good school-leaving certificate, good grades in mathematics and/or technical subjects, manual abilities, an understanding of technical matters
    Location Gersthofen (Germany) or Plzeň (Czech Republic)
    Duration 3½ years (Gersthofen) I 3 years (Plzeň)

    You like Heavy Metal? Whether welding, riveting, filing, drilling or bolting, steel or aluminium in construction technology, seele creates roof and façade constructions under your hands. In your training as a metalworker specialised in construction technology (f/m/d), you will work with state-of-the-art machines to process metal sheets, tubes or profiles, cut them to size, shape them and assemble the individual components. Your manual abilities for producing perfect details will grow, likewise your understanding of all aspects of façade construction.

    Vacant positions

  • Machining Technician m/f/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Florian: „Working on all machines in my first year."

    Occupation Machining technician m/f/d
    Requirements Good school-leaving certificate, good grades in mathematics and/or technical subjects, an understanding of technical matters, an interest in computers and machines, manual abilities
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3½ years

    Computer or manual trade? Best of all both! Machining technicians are at home in both worlds and combine them for highly accurate results. This training scheme will teach you how to write CNC machine programs and set up the very latest CNC machining centres.

    With such preparatory training, you will be able to take responsibility for producing precision-engineered workpieces. You will ensure their quality repeatedly through accurate checking methods for all dimensions and surfaces. Finally, your workpiece will become part of a spectacular building envelope – in New York, Hong Kong, London or another of the world’s big cities.

    Vacant positions

  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist m/f/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Sebastian: „Thanks to me, every part goes in the right place – all over the world."

    Occupation Warehouse logistics specialist m/f/d
    Requirements Good school-leaving certificate, good grades in mathematics and German, an understanding of technical matters, enjoyment of practical, hands-on activities, organisational abilities
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3 years

    Do you have a passion for planning and organising? Skilled employees for warehouse logistics optimise logistical processes, from procurement to processing, to packaging and dispatch. They receive incoming goods and check them for correctness and completeness. They learn how to deal with the most diverse materials and store them in compliance with various criteria. These processes are carried out with the help of computer-controlled logistics setups and modern transport systems.

    Using your special knowledge, you can answer the logistics queries of colleagues and take responsibility for supplying production. If you enjoy organising, overcoming challenges and a wide range of duties, this could be the right job for you.

    Vacant positions

  • Technical Assembler in the Field of Membrane Construction m/f/d (DE)

    Location Obing

    Simon: „I like practical relevance and responsibility. At seele there's both."

    Occupation Technical assembler in the field of membrane and ETFE film construction m/f/d
    Requirements Good school-leaving certificate, technical understanding, interest in any types of membrane and textile, craftmanship and teamworker
    Location Obing
    Duration 3 years

    You are interested in textiles, enjoy precise craftsmanship and you like to work in a team, then you've come to the right place! As a Technical assembler in the membrane construction at seele cover you work with the most modern systems, such as our digital cutters and ETFE welding machines. You will learn the handling of any types of membrane and textile and their properties.

    Together with our production team you process the raw material depending on the project into e. g. pre-stressed membrane surfaces or air-supported, transparent or printed multi-layer ETFE film cushions.

    Vacant positions

seele is member of the chamber of commerce and industry and the chamber of handicraft in Swabia, Germany

top training company

seele has been training its own employees for over 30 years. The façade construction specialist is regularly honoured as a top training company, which confirms the quality of the professional training. This is one of the reasons why seele's trainees repeatedly achieve outstanding results.


­Top players of tomorrow: Every year, school-leavers start their combined study/training schemes in engineering at seele’s headquarters in Gersthofen near Augsburg/Munich.

Combined study schemes: top theory and practice right from the start

In addition to several training professions, we also offer you two combined study programs in cooperation with DHBW Mosbach and DHBW Heidenheim - a perfect start to your professional future! For a smooth start, you begin your studies with a basic training course at seele, before you spend three months alternating between practical and study phases at seele or at the university. Best of all: You are part of a team right from the start and can apply your theoretical knowledge to concrete construction projects right away. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to experience a practical phase at first hand on one of our construction sites. The combined study program always starts in October. The best way to apply for an open position is one and a half years in advance. In the following you will find more detailed information about the two programs.

  • Bachelor of Engineering – Façade Engineering m/f/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Julia: „I’m part of the seele team when architectural visions become reality."

    Studies Bachelor of Engineering (m/f/d)
    Specialist subject Façade Engineering
    Combined study/training partner DHBW Mosbach
    Requirements A-level or equivalent qualification accepted by DHBW Mosbach, good grades in mathematics and technical subjects, a good grasp of technology, the ability to imagine things in 3D, organisational skills, good command of English and German
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3 years

    Are you fascinated by exceptional building envelopes? Are you excited by innovative façade engineering and would like to help shape your future? If so, then seele is exactly the right company for you. Your Bachelor of Engineering studies with façade engineering as your chosen subject will provide you with comprehensive design expertise. And at seele, you don’t just study, you also take on responsibility. You help to turn architectural visions into feasible solutions and work on international projects from conception to completion.
    How does the design department work together with the other departments? Knowing the established processes of all involved is crucial. That is why you will work in all the necessary areas such as estimation, quality, structural engineering and the whole engineering department during your practical phases.

    Your three-year course of study will inspire you. We would be delighted to see you join the seele design team after completing your bachelor studies.

    The integrated study programme Façade Engineering starts again in September 2023.

    Vacant positions

  • Bachelor of Engineering – Industrial Engineering m/f/d (DE)

    Location Gersthofen

    Christian: „I like practical relevance and responsibility. And you get both at seele.”

    Studies Bachelor of Engineering m/f/d
    Specialist subject Industrial Engineering
    Combined study partner DHBW Heidenheim
    Requirements A-level or equivalent qualification accepted by DHBW Heidenheim, good grades in mathematics and technical subjects, a good grasp of technology, the ability to imagine things in 3D, organisational skills, good command of English and German, further languages are an advantage, an interest in business relationships
    Location Gersthofen
    Duration 3 years

    The creation of architectural milestones needs people like you. People who guarantee perfect processes and always keep track of what’s happening. The Bachelor of Engineering studies with focus on industrial engineering will provide you with valuable knowledge – with practical relevance for real major projects from the outset. You will take on responsibility within a project team and get to know the most important project and process management tools so that you can later supervise your very own construction projects. You will find out about and receive training in costing, contract management, sales and purchasing, for instance. Depending on your duties, you will carry out target-actual comparisons, attend meetings, monitor schedules, participate in discussions with customers, etc. While assisting the daily work of the project managers, you will learn about the functions of and relationships between the different areas of competence.

    After your three years of study, you will be well-prepared for launching your career, and can look forward to exciting assignments as a member of the project management team.

    Vacant positions

Opportunities for students

Are you studying economics, architecture, construction engineering, steel, lightweight or metal construction? Brilliant! Then seele can offer you practical semesters and temporary jobs as well as internships on building sites worldwide. In addition, at seele you can begin your bachelor or master thesis in technical subjects such as structural engineering, design, R&D or project management. Do you already have a great idea for an exciting topic and have perhaps already agreed this with your professor? If so, then seele could be your ideal corporate partner. Submit your proposal for your thesis right here!

Why not start right away? Launch your career at seele!

Now you know what seele can offer you. So it’s your turn. Apply for an training or combined study/training scheme. Trainings begin on 1 September each year. Applications for apprenticeships are best sent one year in advance, for combined study schemes one and a half year. Your application should include the following:

  • A cover letter
  • Your CV 
  • Copies of your last three school reports
  • Internship certificates or courses already completed for a training

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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