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seele cover, specialist for innovative membrane construction and textile architecture: Design, fabrication, construction, complete textile architecture (i.a. ETFE-foil) and own testing laboratory.


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seele cover – your expert for membrane construction

Using innovative materials and pioneering building envelopes, seele cover is changing the face of architecture worldwide. For sports arenas, airports, swimming pools, shopping centres or even cruise liners. Based in Obing in southern Germany, seele cover is recognised as an expert when it comes to innovative, sustainable textile architecture and lightweight plate and shell structures for new solutions in roof and façade design. With its own membrane production facilities and testing laboratory, this accredited company also shapes technological progress in membrane construction. The laboratory is where our engineers can quickly and reliably ensure the feasibility of the membrane design visions of clients and architects. We focus especially on implementing sustainable concepts and solutions that do not deplete resources.

Extensive expertise in textile architecture

Consummate textile architecture calls for many skills. And seele cover brings them all together perfectly for solutions on a unique level. The range of services covers the design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance of membrane structures made from foils and fabrics. Ambitious designers from all around the world therefore value our company as a partner that turns challenging textile architecture visions into reality. From the first sketch to the last step during installation, seele cover provides professional support and is ready to tread totally new paths to reach common goals.

The degree of innovation essential for membrane construction is supplied by our own R&D department with its test centre, facilities and laboratories. In Obing we also have outdoor testing grounds for performing long-term weathering tests on full-size mock-ups. Other membrane construction companies use our extensive testing facilities for their tests as well.

With membrane construction projects all over the world, first-class project management is a must. And seele cover has the necessary experienced specialists.
seele cover uses 3D design and visualisation methods in all the design phases of a project, and carries out the necessary structural and building physics analyses.
The R&D department tests materials for QA purposes. The monoaxial tensile testing machine tests the stress, strain, stiffness and strength of membranes. Various edge members, temperatures (-40 to +100°C) and types of fixing can be simulated.
Subsequently, the results of the tensile testing machine will be evaluated by computer.
Implementation of performs static, cyclic and dynamic short- and long-term tests to establish mechanical properties and material parameters.
Long-term tests for the expansion behaviour of ETFE-foils in different strenghts.


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Your full-service provider for membrane construction

Textile architecture obeys its own rules. Comprehensive knowledge of the material is essential. And craft-like meticulousness. Only then are credible results guaranteed. So seele cover carries out its own fabrication – to the highest quality standards. The production plant in Obing in southern Germany can process virtually all the membrane and fabric types used in construction. More than 1,000sqm of floor area with the very latest machinery – digital cutters for precisely dimensioned segments and ETFE welding machines that can join even the largest membrane segments perfectly. For prestressed shade sails or air-filled transparent or printed two- to five-layer ETFE-cushions, for example. Strict quality control measures guarantee that all materials and their processing comply with our high standards. seele cover’s ETFE skills are manifold and have been demonstrated on many occasions.

The production plant fabricates membrane materials such as ETFE foils or PTFE/glass fabrics.
Membrane expertise on more than 1,000sqm production plant at the location seele cover in Obing.
Pre-cutted ETFE-material waiting for the next manufacturing step.
Precision at every stage. seele cover has its own ETFE welding machines for producing double-curvature membrane surfaces and cushions.
The electronic cutter and marker in seele cover’s production plant guarantees ETFE and PTFE membrane materials with perfect dimensions.
Installation and maintenance of textile architecture is in the hands of qualified construction and service teams.

seele cover GmbH

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