Declaration of consent

Declaration of consent to the storage of an applicant’s data

Should my application prove unsuccessful, I consent to my personal data that I have disclosed within the scope of the entire application process (e.g. in letters, CV, certificates, application questionnaires, applicant interviews) being stored by seele after the end of the specific application process. I consent to seele using these data to contact me at a later date and to resuming the application process should I be considered for another post. My data will be stored until I withdraw my consent.

My consent shall also apply to any “special categories of personal data” according to art. 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (e.g. a photograph that allows ethnic origin to be discerned, details of a severe disability, etc.) that I have disclosed in my letter of application or other documents submitted within the scope of the application process. However, seele would like to assess all applicants according to their qualifications only and therefore requests all applicants to refrain from including such information in their applications.

My data will be forwarded to the following companies in the corporate group: seele companies worldwide and iconic skin GmbH.

This consent is voluntary and shall have no consequences for my chances within the current application process. I can refuse to give my consent without stating any reasons and without having to fear that such refusal will have any disadvantages. I may withdraw my consent at any time; in this case my data will be erased after the end of the application process depending on the legal situation prevailing at the respective location.