award for st. patrick's cathedral

10/04/2018 seele wins award for interior glazing of st. patrick’s cathedral in new york. The renowned US-American magazine "Glass Magazine“ announced the winners of its annual award, which honors the best products and constructions of the glass and metal industry.

seele was awarded in the category "Most Innovative Interior Glass Rails, Walls and Doors" for the project St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The winners, selected by a jury which includes well-known experts of the glass industry, will be presented in Glass Magazine’s September 2018 issue. "We are proud to be awarded with the Glass Magazine Award 2018 for the all-glass structure of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. A remarkable design detail of the 82sqm large interior façade are the glass panels which have a weight of up to 2.5t and are sup-ported by just one 8-ply glass beam. Thus, the construction seems exceptionally transparent and weightless,” says Michael Steinhuelb, President of seele, Inc. in New York.

Here you can find the September issue of Glass Magazine.