Conference "Glas im konstruktiven Ingenieurbau" 2018

03/07/2018 seele is part of this year’s conference "Glas im konstruktiven Ingenieurbau" at University of Applied Sciences Munich and will present two lectures. The experts will provide insights into the project TEC Bridge in Toronto and complex geometries in glass construction.

The conference "Glas im konstruktiven Ingenieurbau" will take place from 8th unitl 9th March 2017. On the first day Christoph Bauchinger, se-austria GmbH & Co. KG, will talk about imposingly dimensions in glass construction as well as the trend of complex geometries. On 9th March 2018 Peter Eckardt and Andreas Baatz, seele GmbH, will present the process of the project TEC Bridge from 2017, which was recently awarded for Best of the Best. Planning, steel construction, lifting and interior construction of the new steel-glass pedestrian bridge will be part of the explanation of seele’s engineers.