Deep insights into the spectacular project ICONSIAM

12/12/2018 The film shot shows the development process of the luxury shopping mall ICONSIAM. Gain an insight into the design process, the production of glass and steel and the assembly of the 5,300 sqm all-glass façade.

At the beginning of November, ICONSIAM was officially opened. Urban Architects designed an impressive building that captivates with its innovative design while at the same incorporating allusions to traditional Thai culture. With a length of approx. 300m, imposing glass fins and panes form a "colossal window" spanning 3 stories that overlooks the Chao Phraya River. The pleated arrangement of the glass panes evokes the design signature of the folded leaves in the traditional flower arranging art of "Baisri". Besides its unique aesthetic, the suspended all-glass construction represents an outstanding technical solution. The planning, production and installation of the highly transparent façade were the responsibility of the façade construction specialist seele.