Double-curvature steel-and-glass canopy for a new entrance at Penn Station

02/03/2021 A special entrance to Penn Station was opened on 31/12/2020 on 33rd Street/ 7th Avenue in New York. The approximately 12m high canopy, consisting of a steel structure and a double-curved cable net façade, was realised by seele and represents a real eye-catcher at New York's most important traffic junction.

A total of 105t of steelwork, 139 double-curved glass panels and 60 double-curved panels made of black steel were manufactured and installed for the so called "East End Gateway". The special geometry, high demands on the steel construction as well as the local conditions during assembly in the heart of Manhattan, made every phase of the project challenging.

Please find further information about the project here.

33rd Street Penn Station Entrance / East End Gateway - double-curved cable net façade made by seele

Photo: © Field Condition