ETFE with aerogel filling by seele cover enables U-value of 0.165 W/(m²K)

03/21/2019 For the modular research and innovation building DFAB House of Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research), seele cover implemented, in cooperation with researchers of the ETH Zürich, a world innovation: a translucent ETFE façade with aerogel filling.

The DFAB House is the first house built largely with robots and 3D printers. The project was implemented by ETH Zurich and industrial partners from various fields. seele cover supported the project with ETFE cushions for the upper part of the house. Due to the aerogel filling of the ETFE façade, U values of 0.165 W/(m²K) and g values of 0.12 are achieved. In terms of sustainability, this innovation is an important step into the future - without sacrificing the freedom of design.

Further information about the DFAB House can be found here:

ETFE façade made by seele cover for the research project DFAB House

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