From trainees to energy & resource scouts

03/24/2022 Sustainability and resource conservation have long been a focus at seele. Recently, six trainees at seele were also able to expand their know-how in this field as they completed a training as energy & resource scouts at the Swabian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Munich-based consulting company FutureCamp.

In two workshop days, the trainees gained important knowledge on the topics of energy and resources as well as energy technology basics. Presentation and communication techniques were also on the programme, as well as the elaboration of project ideas that were supposed to be worked out in the company.

In the following six weeks, the trainees developed solutions on the topics of “Paperless Production” and “Power2Heat”. The first theme examined the use of tablets in manufacturing in order to digitalise the workbooks. The second theme focused on generating heat from surplus, electrical energy from photovoltaics.

Both teams developed innovative solutions and presented theme at the final event of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All trainees were able to shine with great results and recognition and are now officially energy & resource scouts. We congratulate them to this great achievement and look forward to future projects!

Six seele trainees are now energy & resource scouts

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