Grand Opening of ICONSIAM in Bangkok

11/09/2018 Today the luxury shopping mall ICONSIAM in Bangkok is ceremoniously opened. Star guests such as Alicia Keys and Naomi Watts celebrate the impressive and architecturally extraodinary building envelope. ICONSIAM's glass front reaches a height of up to 24m, making it one of the largest all-glass façades in the world. seele was responsible for the design, production and assembly of the construction.

Urban Architects was commissioned to design an impressive building that captivates with its innovative appearance and at the same time reflects the Thai culture. Over a length of around 300m and a height of up to 24m, all-glass swords and panes form the spectacular space closure for the lower three floors. The zigzag arrangement of the glass panes is reminiscent of folded leaves, as the design picks up on the traditional flower arrangement Baisri. Planning, production and installation of the highly transparent all-glass façade were the responsibility of façade construction specialists seele.

The big opening ceremony of ICONSIAM will be published live on their Facebook channel: