K11 Musea - Innovative Glass Tube Façade with CCF-Technology

12/01/2020 This year the K11 Musea opened in Hong Kong on the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. The shopping centre is part of the Victoria Dockside property development project. It also houses a museum with special works of art and an equally special façade construction.

It consists of individual glass tubes with CCF technology and was developed, manufactured and installed according to the designs of architects SO - IL by seele.

A total of 307 laminated safety glass tubes are used, including 238 half tubes and 69 full tubes, with a height of 9m. Thanks to the CCF technology installed, dry air is supplied at a slight overpressure, so that no condensate or dirt can be deposited inside the glass tubes. Special LED technology skilfully sets the façade in scene at night.

For further information on the project and images, please also see our reference page.

Image credit: © Kris Provoost

Glass tube façade for K11 Musea in Hong Kong © Kris Provoost