Making-of-video: New Street Square Bridges

04/01/2022 The New Street Square Bridges in London, UK create a seamless journey between two buildings of the new Deloitte Campus. Spanning 12m, the bridges consist of a complex steel-and-glass structure. A making of video made by seele now shows the entire process of creating the two bridge structures.

These are based on a steel substructure, which represented a demanding aspect in the design process due to its special structural requirements. The soffit of the bridges is clad with stainless steel, whereby the sheets vary between mirror finished and glass-bead blasted surfaces, thus creating a special zig-zag pattern. The roof is made of GFRP and a skylight of insulating glass units providing natural daylight. Insulating glass elements are also used to the left and right along the bridges.

Recently, the bridges have been awarded the 2022 Bridge Award for Best Bridge Design (over £5m).

Read more about the project on our reference page and take a look at our video!

New Street Square Bridges for Deloitte, UK made of steel and glass - by seele

Thumbnail Image © Wilkinson Eyre | Video © seele