New press brakes bend material up to 8.2m long

01/25/2016 Two new press brakes have been in operation at seele GmbH since December 2015. Each machine weighs 25t and it took eight hours of meticulous work to position and set up the machines.

They expand the fabrication options at the 28,625sqm production facility.
One of the reasons for purchasing these new machines was the growing demand for ever larger section and element formats. The two press brakes from EHT already in use can handle formats up to a little over 4m. But the new Bystronic press brakes can bend material up to 8.2m long when the machines are operated in tandem. Each machine exerts a pressing force of 250t and can process sheet metal up to 6mm thick. The two new press brakes will bring about an enormous increase in production capacity.

Further production capabilities at seele include, for instance, the laser-cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, CNC punching machines, painting, sandblasting and assembly under clinical conditions in a clean room.

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In 2015, the seele GmbH expanded its production capacities in façade construction for unitised façades thanks to two new press brakes with a 8,2m edge length and pressing force of 250t.