Rick Mercer helps seele site team on Canadian Parliament building

03/06/2017 The erection of the steel-and-glass elements for the West Block Rehabilitation Project in Ottawa is progressing well even under extreme weather conditions.

Ottawa, Canada. Despite freezing temperatures, seele’s erection procedures for the West Block Rehabilitation Project are in full swing. The roof to the West Block measures almost 2,500sqm in area and consists of a complex, multi-layer assembly. Erection of the primary steel structure was completed in September of last year. Some 938t of structural steelwork were lifted into position to form the basic framework for the roof.

That was followed by the erection of the secondary structure that supports the roof covering. The secondary structure is in aluminium and consists of individual triangles that were preassembled on the ground to form larger elements before being lifted up to roof level. All the aluminium members were installed over the harsh winter months. Owing to the extreme temperatures, preassembly work on the ground took place in heated huts set up for the purpose and the seals were connected on the roof by the seele erection crews working in heated enclosures. The safety net that spans across the entire area is proving to be another helpful and time-saving idea as it allows site personnel to move about easily on the roof.

Special help for fitting first pane of glass

A visit by Canadian comedian Rick Mercer on 21 February proved to be a real highlight. He was on site to make a film for his “Mercer Report” comedy series and while he was there he helped the various trades carry out their work, including the seele employees. Together with the erection personnel and Site Superintendent Marvin Sommerfeld, he mounted the first glass element on the roof structure and signed the steelwork underneath.