seele completed the stainless steel tube façade WestQuay Watermark in Southampton

08/28/2017 2,590 stainless steel tubes were installed at the façade of the new retail and entertainment centre in the shape of WestQuay Watermark. seele’s contract covered the suspended tubular façade to the cinema complex.

In the beginning of this year WestQuay Watermark, a new entertainment centre, was built at the historic port Southampton in the south of England. seele was appointed with building a suspended tubular façade for the cinema complex. Similar to the previous project King Abdulaziz Centre for Word Culture in Saudi Arabia a façade made of stainless steel tubes was created. The technology for bending stainless steel tubes, which was specifically developed for the project in Saudi Arabia, was applied to the WestQuay Watermark in Southampton/UK as well. 13,4km of three dimensional bent stainless steel tubes were installed to form this suspended tubular façade.