seele cover’s ETFE film technology in the new AIDAperla

07/06/2017 The new AIDAperla has been officially baptized on 30 June 2017 in Palma de Mallorca. It was the second cruise ship of AIDA Cruises for which seele cover, the membrane specialist, delivered moveable roof sections.

The total area of the ETFE film roofs on both ships, AIDAprima and AIDAperla, is about 4,000sqm. Three-layer, transparent ETFE film cushions span over the pool and leisure areas of the activity decks with their “4 Elements” centrepiece. Movable roof sections enable these areas to be opened to the sky.
Constructions with ETFE film technology in the field of shipbuilding are new, because they meet special requirements like wind influences or salt concentration.
Once again seele cover lives up to its role as a pioneer in the field of innovative membrane and ETFE film construction by realising this unique project.

More information can be found in the latest press release.