Transparency and bronze-coloured accents for LACMA, Los Angeles

01/12/2021 For the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), seele was commissioned with the realisation of around 4,800sqm of mullion and transom façades. These consist of a steel substructure and up to 8.30m high insulating glass units on both the ground and upper floors.

Due to the organic shape of the new building, curved glass is also used.

Another highlight is the cladding of the steel structure with a total of approx. 180t brass profiles, up to 10mm thick. The bronze-coloured accents give the façade construction a noble appearance. After projects such as the TEC Bridge in Toronto or the Peninsula Hotel in London, brass is once again used in this façade structure, whereby seele proves its competence not only for glass. Please find further information on our reference page.

Image credit: © Atelier Peter Zumthor

Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, USA