seele france SAS – avant-garde façade construction in france

The glazed concourse to Strasbourg railway station and the exclusive unitised façade for Hotel Wagram in Paris are projects that have helped seele france make a name for itself as an ambitious construction partner. seele france is particularly famous as a trailblazer in textile architecture. The branch was set up in 1994 and is responsible for sales and for overseeing façade construction projects.

La Canopée, Paris: 12,000sqm of glass area and 900t of secondary steelwork
Confluence Shopping & Leisure Complex, Lyon: 22,000sqm two-layer ETFE-cushion roof
Hotel Wagram, Paris: 500sqm wavy glass façade with fritted insulating Units ©Matthias Reithmeier
Railway Station, Strasbourg: approx. 6.000sqm cold-formed LSG panes for the glass hall


seele france SAS

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