Façade construction 4.0 – seele invests in production

11/27/2018 Production is the heart of the façade construction specialist seele. seele not only plans and designs, but also knows how projects with the highest standards of quality and precision are manufactured. The production areas of seele GmbH in Gersthofen are constantly being redesigned to meet the individual requirements of the projects. Thus, continuous investments are made in new machines and digitisation in production is continued in order to remain internationally competitive.

Consistently digitized processes from design to production
High-quality and extraordinary façades as well as special constructions according to individual customer wishes are the daily business of the façade construction specialist seele. The integration of the latest technologies is an important factor for unique solutions. The challenge lies in particular in the flexible orientation of the company, the handling of an international market and the constant advancement of innovations. A holistic approach is therefore required in order to guarantee on-schedule execution without compromising quality and cost-effectiveness: know-how, reliable tools, sample and prototype construction as well as extensive tests are required in order to develop, plan and manufacture reliably. For this reason, the production line is optimally adapted to the requirements of the projects. This requires a particularly high degree of flexibility as well as solution-oriented and creative ideas. For example, in the Moynihan Train Hall project, rotating assembly tables were developed specifically for assembly, which improved the manufacturing process in terms of ergonomics and assembly time. Digitization also plays a special role in the optimization process. For the Peninsula Hotel project, for example, all drawings can currently be retrieved digitally at terminals in the production area. The production staff can now extract all production information for the individual components from the complete 3D model. In the past, the design department had to create individual PDF files for the components, which was extremely time-consuming. Now all departments, such as production planning and manufacturing, have access to a single 3D model. The result is an end-to-end digitalized process.

Innovative facade construction from batch size 1 - tailor-made CNC stud welding machine
Extraordinary quality can only be achieved if technical feasibility in industrial manufacturing quality is considered from the outset. This includes the investment in machines with corresponding dimensions. "seele is known for its dialogue with customers, architects and engineers in order to find ways and means of implementing ambitious designs. This requires a sound and broad knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, logistics and assembly," explains Stefan Sachsenmaier, Head of Manufacturing. In order to meet the requirements for oversizes and to work even more efficiently, the company recently invested in a stud welding system. The tailor-made CNC-controlled system can process a sheet size with an oversize of 6 x 2m and has never been built in this way before. Up to 1,000 studs can be welded in one hour, which greatly reduces processing time. The first components have already been machined. Another new purchase, a plate shear with a weight of 10t, can also be used to efficiently meet individual customer requirements. The machine can cut sheets in the 4000 x 2000 mm format and up to a thickness of 6 mm. The scissor-guided technology is based on a straight vertical movement of the knife beam. It is a simple and economical solution for straight cuts of sheets and thin PE plates. Cutting angle and cutting gap can be adjusted individually and automatically.

Due to the high demands on quality and precision, seele will continue to invest in new machines and digital interfaces in order to implement unique facade construction projects worldwide.

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