New entrance area with canopy for 277 Park Avenue by seele.


steel-glass construction 

3 x 10mm

laminated safety glass with digital print 


glass panels for the main entrance

277 Park Avenue in New York - 36m wide canopy with impressive appearance

A new, modern entrance hall is planned for the 277 Park Avenue building in New York City. The skyscraper, which is over 200m high, has a main entrance on Park Avenue and a rear entrance on Lexington Avenue. seele was commissioned to implement design, construction and installation for the two new entrance areas. Respectively, they consist of an entrance façade with various door systems as well as an canopy with a total of 757sqm of steel-glass construction.

  • The main focus is on the 36m broad and 9m wide cantilevering awning over the main entrance, which will be clad with individual precious metal elements on the underside. The various metal polishes will be alternated between matt and glossy and installed at various angles. The varying surface and the angled arrangement will mirror vehicles and pedestrians passing by which will result in a special visual effect. 4 revolving carousel doors as well as 4 double glass doors are integrated in the glass façade, consisting of 22 glass panels 2m x 8m in size. The design for the main entrance is continued for the Lexington Avenue entrance. Here, the entrance is also part of the glass façade, with various door systems and a distinctive cladding under the awning.

    Reference overview and Header image: © Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects

In total there are six angle variants, which differ between 0 and 10 degrees. Each element is unique: There are no rules for the arrangement and various polishes for the precious metal panels. © Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects
At night, the varying surface polishes will display their special effects too. The glass elements on the upper side make the roof seem like it is floating. © Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects
In order to check the visual effects of the metal cladding, seele has constructed a visual mock-up consisting of a part of the roof construction and the entry façade. © Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects


Client The Stahl Organization
General contractor Cauldwell Wingate
Architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects
Engineer Eckersley O'Callaghan
Date of completion 2022
Scope of seele supply
  • 2 canopies with a total of 757sqm of steel-glass construction incl. 3 x 10mm laminated safety glass with digital print (sun protection)

    - approx. 23 glass panels on the fron entrance, each approx. 2 x 7m
    - 1 glass panel on rear entrance, approx. 1.5m x 9m     
    - 24 steel beams

  • 521sqm of steel glass façade construction with 2 x 10mm laminated safety glass

    - approx. 22 glass panels on the front entrance, each approx. 2 x 8m
    - approx. 5 glass panels on rear entrance, each approx. 2.3 x 4.5m

  • 6 carousel revolving doors
  • 5 double glass doors
  • 63sqm façade to divert the pedestrian traffic during construction phase
  • 92sqm visual mock-up at seele in Germany