A highly aesthetic steel-glass structure and post-and-rail design created by seele, the global building envelope specialist, at the project Brookfield Place in Calgary, Canada.


post-and-rail façade  


primary steelwork  


post-and-rail façade for two +15 bridges

brookfield place - steel-and-glass design

Brookfield Place is one of the tallest and most impressive real estate projects in the Canadian city of Calgary. The development consists of two towers, the taller of which is 247m high and has 56 floors. It is this taller tower that will be built in the first phase. seele has been appointed to design and build the façade to the base of the tower, a pavilion, a glass kiosk and two +15 bridges. The latter are needed to tie Brookfield Place into Calgary’s +15 Skyway, a system of pedestrian walkways about 4.5m above the ground which extends 18km across the city.

The lightweight design and vast expanses of glass of the pavilion invite visitors to stop and linger. It has a façade totalling 2,200sqm (delicate steel glass design) and an approx. 700sqm glass-roof of the same aesthetics, which turn the enormous dimensions of the Brookfield Place project into an imposing spatial experience. seele’s scope comprises some 570t of structural steelwork for the pavilion.

  • A great deal of effort has been taken to conceal this primary structure and hence direct the observer’s attention to the three-dimensional steel-and-glass vista. Besides the elaborate pavilion, seele is also responsible for the keen lines of the highly aesthetic “architectural steelwork” framing the façade at the base of the tower ‒ the three bottommost rows of panes fronting the lobby. Large-format insulating glass units measuring 3m x 5m or 3m x 6m are being used here.

    Only the glass and the precision silicone joints are visible from outside. The result is a homogenous surface without any external fixing elements. The glazing to all four elevations at the base of the tower adds up to 3,600sqm and is in the form of a steel post-and-rail façade with laminated safety glass.


Client Brookfield Place (Calgary) LP
Main contractor EllisDon Construction Services Inc.
Architect Arney Fender Katsalidis & DIALOG
Engineer Entuitive
Date of completion 2017
Scope of seele supply
  • Lobby / Base of tower: steel glass post-and-rail façade (3,572sqm)
  • Pavilion façade: steel glass post-and-rail design (2,243sqm)
  • Pavilion roof: steel glass design with aluminium glazing bars (715sqm)
  • 570t primary steel structure of the entire pavilion
  • +15 bridges: aluminium-and-glass post-and-rail façade (672sqm)
  • Kiosk: aluminium-and-glass post-and-rail façade with integral folding sliding doors (77sqm)