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A new glamorous 750,000sqm landmark ICONSIAM with all-glass design from facade specialist seele.


façade area  


glass fins up to  




front glass panels

ICONSIAM - a new landmark of all-glass design

The skyline at the river Chao Phraya obtains a new glamorous 750,000sqm landmark ICONSIAM which will host luxury retail and entertainment areas and two residential towers. The shape of the façade is geometrically utmost complex. The floor plan of Urban Architects is curved with different radii, the fins are sloped in two directions and the front glass follows a jagged pattern between the fins.

seele is responsible for the “luxury glass wall” facing the river and additionally representing the main entrance to the shopping centre. The façade will be freely spanning vertically up to 15,5m and will be one of the world’s biggest suspended all-glass façade.

  • On top of the free spanning glass, the façade continues up to another 6m, freely cantilevered above the roof level which also serves as area for events. There are 6 entrances to the mall along the façade, made up of stainless steel portals covered with golden coloured claddings. These portals are necessary to separate the suspended façade from the doors fixed to the floor, thus the movements between roof and floor can be accommodated. This façade of ICONSIAM is pushing the boundaries of what is possible nowadays by applying structural of glass. Once more, seele is setting new standards.

    Renderings: © Urban Architects


Client ICONSIAM Co. Ltd.
Main contractor ICONSIAM Co. Ltd.
Architect Urban Architects
Engineer KCS
Date of completion 2018
Scope of seele supply

Design, structural calculations, production, delivery and installation of approx. 5,300sqm façade area:

  • 120 glass fins up to 15,5m height, Low Iron Heat Strengthened Glass
  • 333 front glass panels 2,2m x 15,5m made of 2x10mm low iron TVG