Siemens Headquarters Munich, ETFE foil cushion atrium roof four layer


ETFE cushion atrium roof


ETFE film

siemens corporate headquarters - an ETFE film cushion atrium roof

The many fields of expertise of this leading global technology player are concentrated in the Siemens Headquarters building in munich. Both internally and externally, the design by Henning Larsen Architects boasts spectacular qualities and so quite obviously reflects the image of this company.

The "sustainability" goal has been especially supported by seele in the form of a forward-looking solution for the roof over the offices atrium. The printed membrane cushion roof improves the energy efficiency of the building and at the same time integrates perfectly with the expressive architecture. Despite the demanding thermal specification, the membrane solution achieves a brilliant spatial experience for the staff.

  • The membrane roof by seele covers an area of about 892sqm. It consists of four-layer ETFE film cushions, the uppermost layer of which is printed on the inside with silver dots that cover 50% of the area. This four-layer ETFE film design means several insulating layers that ensure an optimum U-value.

    Combined with the printing, the result is an efficient, energyconscious solution. The reflective property of the membrane roof also reduces the heat build-up in the atrium. The printed dots ensure an agreeable, diffuse scattering of the incoming light and thus a pleasant interior atmosphere during any type of weather.

    Project images: © Siemens AG

seele accomplishes ambitious membrane project in record time

Thanks to a strong commitment and precisely planned workflow, seele managed to keep to the extremely tight schedule for the atrium roof to the Siemens Headquarters building during all phases of the work. Within four months after starting the project, seele had carried out all the design work, received the approvals from architect, checking engineers and client and completed the production of the demanding four-layer ETFE cushion elements in its own plant.

Furthermore, the logistics input, construction in wintry conditions and acceptance were all finished within a month. Proof that seele cover is a full-service supplier for membrane structures satisfying the highest quality standards.

The seele structure is supported on two sides, spans 22m and guarantees that daylight can enter the building unobstructed.The four-layer ETFE foil cushions provides optimum U-values. Two additional air chambers inaddition to the upper, main chamber improve the thermal insulation effect. The top layer is printed with 16mm standard silver dots over 50% of its area.


Client Siemens AG
General contractor STRABAG AG, Vienna, Austria
Architect Henning Larsen GmbH
Engineer Werner Sobek Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG
Date of completion 2014
Scope of seele supply
  • Design, production, transport and erection of 892sqm ETFE foil cushions
  • Atrium roof construction with four-layer ETFE foil (OL 250 µm, ML1 100 µm, ML2 100 µm, IL 200 µm)
  • Top layer printed with 16mm standard silver dots over 50% of area