ISOshade® elements with integrated blinds


element height

high-performance ISOshade® façade for St. Afra Diocesan museum in augsburg

The ISOshade® façade was designed as structural glazing. seele supplied three 6.7m high elements with integrated venetian blinds that can be varied to protect the sensitive exhibits against UV light. Each element has an identical glass make-up: triple glazing on the inside, which achieves a Ug value of 0.6 W/(m²K), and laminated safety glass on the outside to ensure intruder resistance. At the same time, the outer pane protects the integrated sunblind against dirt, wind and weather. Each element is clamped to structural members top and bottom. The vertical joints between the three elements were sealed after installation and the façade was completed within a day. 

  • The ISOshade® façade is a closed double-skin façade that function is based on building physics principles. Usually, closed double-skin façades use an energy-intensive pressurized air supply or a ventilation system: Compressed, dried air is distributed through a pipe system to manage condensation in the cavity. The cavity within ISOshade® conditions itself via a volume-dependent system. This eliminates the need to purchase, install and build any ventilation or piping system, and at the same time reduces operating and life cycle cost.

    Header image: © Olaf Becker
    Reference overview: © seele


Architect Schrammel Architekten Stadtplaner
Date of completion 2018
Scope of work by seele

Advanced CCF with ISOshade® RS for museum

  • 3 elements
  • 6.7m element height
  • integrated venetian blind