Tottenham Court Road Station – plaza entrances, London, UK: The steel-glass design by seele is a futuristic glass edifice with glass columns that soar up to 14m into the city.


laminated safety glass panes


laminated safety glass panes for foot traffic on steel framing

tottenham court road station – plaza entrances

Tottenham Court Road is located in central London and therefore one of the busiest stations in the city’s underground network. London Underground and its main contractor Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall JV built a spacious new ticket hall, new escalators and lifts for step-free access to upgrade this important interchange. The two crystal-like entrance structures above ground definitely attract attention. Designed by London-based architects Stanton Williams, the impact of these two all-glass “sculpted” forms are further enhanced at night by the integral LED lighting. The two entrance structures are separated by a diagonal strip of glazing in the pavement, which also allows daylight to reach the ticket hall below.

  • In its usual skilful way, seele has transformed the architects’ vision into a design in which materials and structure are minimised. For example, the load-bearing frames are glass fins, which are combined with a newly developed technique involving titanium components laminated into the glass for even greater transparency. In addition, seele has once again pushed back the frontiers of the feasible by producing glass columns up to 14m long. Stainless steel sections finish off the frames internally and externally. The complex geometry of the panes of glass calls for absolute precision: Cross-sections and plan forms with multiple twists in addition to the diagonal lines of these glass structures result in numerous different angles and a corresponding number of different formats for the glass envelope.

    Rendering: © Stanton Williams


Client London Underground Limited
Main contractor Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall JV
Architect Stanton Williams
Date of completion 2016
Scope of seele supply
  • Consulting, new development and design plus production logistics and erection of the glass envelope
  • Supporting structure: 12 different glass frames with newly developed titanium connection technique laminated into the glass (approx. 650m of stainless steel sections)
  • Glass covering: approx. 1,100sqm of laminated safety glass in various formats
  • Glass floor: 70sqm of laminated safety glass for foot traffic on steel support structure
  • National Rail Awards 2017 - Major Project of the Year