glass canopy


steel columns (AESS 4)


glass panels

27m long glass canopy for trinity church

Trinity Church on Wall Street was completed in 1846 and, with its 86m high tower, was the tallest building in New York City at the time. As part of its renovation, the design included a canopy over the entrance, accessed via the cemetery.

The design by the architect Murphy Burnham & Buttrick was devised as a minimalist construction, so as not to obscure the view of the existing structure. The 27m long canopy consists of 13 laminated glass panels, supported by seven filigree steel columns. The quality specifications correspond to AESS (Architectural Exposed Structural Steel) specification class 4 as defined by the American Institute of Steel Construction. As a result, very high standards are required with regard to manufacture and assembly of the architecturally exposed steel structure.

  • seele was commissioned with the design, manufacture and installation of the 73sqm canopy structure. As part of the project, a 13sqm design mock-up, consisting of a column and three canopy panels, is planned. In addition to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, seele is now involved in its second sacral project in a prominent Manhattan location. Once again, seele is able to demonstrate its expertise when it comes to combining historical buildings with contemporary architecture.

    Header image: © Murphy Burnham & Buttrick
    Further images: © seele


Client Scaime Construction LLC
Main contractor Scaime Construction LLC
Architect Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects
Engineer Eckersley O'Callaghan & Ptrs.
Date of completion 2019
Scope of seele supply

Design, manufacture and installation of

  • 73sqm glass canopy, consisting of 13 glass panels (4 x 12mm toughened glass)
  • 7 filigree steel columns for the substructure (AESS 4)
  • 27 stainless steel drainage channel
  • 13sqm mock-up, consisting of one column and three glass panels