seele steel-glas-roof Victoria Gate


laminated safety glass


welded hollow sections

victoria gate arcades leeds

The dynamic development in the city of Leeds in northern England over recent years is also reflected in the emergence of modern retailing centres. One of those is the ”Victoria Gate” retail arcade, which includes a casino, premium retailers, restaurants and cafés with an overall floorspace of 42,000sqm. This project offered seele another chance to set an example in the form of a unique design. The plans of London-based architectural practice ACME enabled seele to provide the spectacular atrium roof measuring approx. 2,100sqm, the 150sqm Skylight over the casino, the 900sqm 3D grid roof with funnel-shaped lightwell and three entrance façades totalling 550sqm.

  • The Skylight, situated at the top of a funnel-shaped light well, is a 16-sided glass cylinder 1.3m high and about 11m in diameter with a load-bearing framework of rectangular hollow sections. The cladding to the Skylight is made from 2-ply laminated safety glass and includes approved windows that function as smoke and heat vents.

    The three entrance areas in seele’s contract include six automatic sliding doors, shop display windows and criss-crossing bent steel fin tracery that have both structural and decorative purposes. Connections to the building are by means of stainless steel glazing bars.

    The free-form 3D-roof made of folded steel sheets stretches between both ends of the C-shaped free-form glass roof and connects with the funnel-shaped lightwell to the skylight. The roof is illuminated with LED-panels thus the closed arcade area is adapted to the daylight at the glass roof area.

    The main attraction of Victoria Gate is the arcade roof which continues the tradition of adjacent Victorian arcade glazed roofs. The new roof begins as a flat plane and gradually rises to form a three-bay pitched roof joining up with the neighbouring John Lewis flagship store. The architect’s ideas for the roof have been turned into reality by seele’s dynamically shaped, three-dimensional roof design based on a tubular steel structure with laminated safety glass. The special roof geometry leads to twisted individual glass infill panels and complicated cutting of the sections, which were optimised throughout the 3D design stage to create a homogeneous, consistent appearance. Custom, triangular roof windows that retreat with the overall impression of the structure guarantee the necessary exchange of air and the vent in case of fire for the shopping arcades below to ensure acceptable temperatures in summer and winter.

Grid roof with lightwell to the Skylight
3D grid roof with LED-panels
3D glass roof with connection to 3D grid roof
3D glass roof at the gabled area with connection to John Lewis flagship store
Gabled areas: 3D glass roof with glass bent during installation
Gabled areas: 3D glass roof with glass bent during installation
Flat area of the 3D glass roof: glass bent during installation with triangular vent windows
Entrance façades with steel ornament decoration


Client Hammerson UK Properties PLC
Main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine
Architect ACME
Date of completion 2016
Scope of work by seele
  • Structural calculations, design, fabrication and erection of free-form roof, Skylight of the grid roof including the lightwell and entrance façades
  • Atrium roof: welded rectangular hollow sections (approx. 194t), laminated safety glass (approx. 2,100sqm)
  • Grid roof with funnel-shaped lightwell (approx. 900sqm)
  • Skylight (approx. 150sqm)
  • Three entrance façades with sliding doors (approx. 550sqm)
  • World Architecture Festival Awards 2017 - Completed Buildings
  • Best New Building at Leeds Architecture Awards 2017
  • Best Shopping Centre at MIPIM Awards 2017
  • RIBA Yorkshire Award 2017
  • RIBA Yorkshire Building of the Year 2017