Presenting specialist departments at seele -- the global player in façade construction -- specialists in design, project management, structural engineering, site supervision and engineers.

skilled employees: one of the most valuable assets in façade design

Your knowledge and your experience add up to success. For example, as an expert in project management, a skilled technician in the structural engineering department or in site management. The important thing is that you are fully conversant with your field, have unconventional ideas and are keen to master new challenges. If that’s the case, then you’ll be in your element with us. Just like the many engineers, technicians and other skilled employees (f/m/d) who handle the huge range of façade construction requirements for seele worldwide. Find out here which corporate divisions await you at seele and gain an insight into your career prospects with us. 

Project management: your organisational talents shaping successful projects

Every project needs people who can keep track of what’s happening, coordinate procedures and ensure efficiency.  Your input guarantees perfect workflows – from planning a building skin to installing it. In doing so, you deploy your specific qualifications gainfully and function as a central interface for internal processes as well as for the assignments and concerns of all the parties involved in a construction project.

Job profiles: 

  • Senior project manager f/m/d
  • Project manager f/m/d
  • Project coordinator f/m/d
  • Project assistant f/m/d
Your professional skills are in demand in project management. You create a sense of achievement for all colleagues.
Project management means keeping an eye on all processes, coordinating teams and reaching your goal efficiently.

Engineering: the drive behind progress

In the engineering department you work closely together with the R&D department. Together you investigate and test interdependencies relating to building physics and design. Your aim is to deliver significant findings for ongoing work processes. Your contribution to technical system planning and design shapes the entire creation processes for a building envelope – from the first ideas to detailed design and planning the fabrication.

Job profiles:

  • Member of R&D department f/m/d
  • Designer / Design manager f/m/d
  • Structural engineer / Structural technician f/m/d
In our design department, you will be part of a project team and jointly responsible for innovative and customised construction solutions so that ambitious architectural designs become reality.
Teamwork is a top priority at seele: You work closely together with colleagues (f/m/d) who, like you, are keen to devise innovative solutions. Together you create the foundation for new answers to technical issues.
At seele, digital 3D design opens up totally new options for design and structural engineering. These days, high-tech engineering is indispensable for building highly complex geometries.

Sales and administration: your knowledge is the key to successful projects

In the sales department you are in demand as a partner to the clients and architects behind international construction projects. You support their ideas until they are ready for marketing. Your goals are immaculate quality, optimum implementation and cost-effectiveness. The specialist administrative departments contribute to local and international projects.

Occupational fields:

  • Sales
  • Estimation
  • Controlling / Financial accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
Precise results in the back office, too. Successful people at seele are those who see projects through to the end, reliably and enthusiastically.
Consulting and sales: Impressive building envelopes are the result of the successful mix of architectural brief, design expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the materials.

IT: custom solutions from the technology leader in façade construction

In seele's in-house IT, experts create the hardware and software infrastructure for all locations and construction sites of the seele group of companies. This includes, among other things, the implementation of software interfaces, hardware configuration as well as support and further development of the IT system infrastructure. Another central part of seele's IT is the development of digital tools for the construction industry.

Occupational fields:

  • System integration
  • Application development
  • Business intelligence
  • Computer science / business informatics
  • IT administration
  • Development of digital tools
  • XR Technology
The broad spectrum ensures a fast and optimal implementation of IT requirements in compliance with the applicable regulations on data protection and data backup.
From the first design sketch to production and installation, all processes at seele are digitalised throughout. All departments are equipped with the appropriate hardware and software.
By means of a welding simulation with VR technology, information on the planned and actual geometry, the base material as well as all measurement and scan data can be provided for better verification and complete documentation.
California - Gersthofen: the control of a movable façade element is set up directly via VPN access. This saves resources because the IT expert from seele provides support when needed.

Materials management and quality assurance: responsibility for large-scale operations

All around the world, seele projects are an inspiration – also in terms of their perfect logistics, which can be attributed to talented organisational experts in materials management and quality assurance. Do you feel up to taking on this challenge? Welcome to the team! Façade elements have to be sent to the USA by sea, steel members to the desert and large-format panes to Asia by air. You use your skills to organise reliable, on-time delivery. There is plenty to do from production to construction, irrespective of whether you work in purchasing, logistics, incoming goods or quality control.

Occupational fields:

  • Purchasing
  • Logistics / Scheduling
  • Incoming goods
  • Quality management 
  • Quality assurance
seele’s purchasing department displays negotiating skills, e.g. when concluding contracts.
Quality assured: Experts (f/m/d) carry out inspections to check that components are in perfect condition.
seele’s reputation in the world also depends on professional logistics. Building components and façade elements are shipped worldwide with customised packaging.

Production: you help to shape façades

In the production department you work with a experienced team and modern technology. Fabrication and automation workflows dovetail perfectly and are assisted by 3D computer programs. The outcome of your work are extremely precise, high-quality building envelopes made from glass, steel, aluminium or membranes. Close collaboration between production and development at all times ensures the best possible solutions for innovative concepts.

Job profiles:

  • Production manager f/m/d
  • Machining technician f/m/d
  • Metalworker f/m/d
  • Staff members in work preparation f/m/d
  • Technicians in maintenance & repair f/m/d
In the completion department, glass and other components are assembled using various techniques, such as structural silicone bonding or screwing.
Perfect form: Operations metal production include e.g. CNC-machining, bending, laser cutting or punching.
Efficiency benefits: At seele GmbH every façade element is a one-off produced as part of a batch.
Complex steel and aluminium constructions are welded with the highest precision at seele. Modern extraction technology and height-adjustable workstations offer the best working conditions.

Installation: you complete big ideas

As a site manager or member of an installation crew (f/m/d), you play the leading role in one of the most exciting phases of a façade construction project. The installation crew assembles all the components to produce an impressive result. And the safety concept is just as perfect as the planning. seele takes extensive precautions to ensure the safety of all installation crews.

Job profiles:

  • Site manager f/m/d
  • Installation supervisor f/m/d
  • Installation crew member f/m/d
Perfect construction planning: Installation procedures are meticulously planned by seele to ensure optimum calculability for workflows and personnel deployment.
Top teamwork: The brilliant quality of the work during final installation can be attributed to the constructive cooperation between all the seele experts involved.
In the installation department, you will be involved in the realisation of outstanding projects. Through innovative assembly techniques and detailed logistics planning, seele ensures a smooth process - anywhere in the world.