Acknowledged with design awards

12/29/2015 Years of experience in façade construction have resulted in a wealth of expertise that seele has channelled into its iconic skin glass façade element.

And that has earned seele several awards: The iF DESIGN AWARD, where iconic skin SCF was chosen as the winner from among nearly 5,000 entries in the “Building Technology” category, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Chicago, the “German Design Award”, a top honour that was conferred on seele in the “Excellent Product Design” segment with the “Building and Energy” Special Distinction for exceptional design quality, the Architektur+ Bauwesen innovation prize and the “Iconic Awards 2014 – Best of Best”.

Such awards confirm the power of innovation within the seele group. The iconic skin SCF integrative façade was developed for challenging projects. The façade elements are multi-functional, achieve a high standard of thermal insulation and are self-supporting when designed as a unitised façade. Transparent and opaque areas with virtually any dimensions can be positioned almost anywhere within the façade elements, likewise opening lights and sunshading options. Digital and roller-coater printing can be used to create many different effects on the glass. The building physics SCF principle (Self-Conditioning Façade) ensures the necessary pressure compensation and also no condensation in the cavity.

Façade constructor seele was rewarded with the iF Design Award, Architektur+Bauwesen and the German Design Award thanks to its newly developed façade solution iconic skin in the year 2015.